Winmate LCDs

Winmate LCD, LED and touch screen solutions

Touch screen LCD have been used for many years to interact with customers and visitors in order to convey specific messages, relay information and allow the public access to the internet. Touch screen technology has improved dramatically in recent years with the introduction of larger touch screens, more powerful PC technology and greater accuracy within the touch screen itself.

Acante are a UK distributor of Winmate LCD and touch screen solutions. Winmate can supply an extensive range of LCD, LED and touch screen monitors to suit every possible application. The Benefit of using Winmate touch screen enabled LCD and LED screens is that there is an every growing selection of mounting types and styles; from the incredibly robust metal cased Chassis Mount LCD, to the ever popular and extremely versatile Open Frame monitors.

But which mounting type is right for you?

The Winmate Chassis LCD, LED and touch screen solution comes in a sleek metal housing, giving it a robust, stylish and custom designed look. Interactivity can be easily achieved by choosing from a range of integrated touch screen technologies.

Winmate’s Open-Frame LCD and touch screen solutions come with an extremely versatile open chassis that can be used for special mounting applications such as Kiosk enclosures and integrated interactive information points. A full range of touch screen technologies are available, including Resistive, Capacitive and Surface Acoustic Wave.

Panel Mount LCD, LED and touch screens are used where there is a space consideration and/or a flush mounting LCD or LED solution is required. The Winmate panel mount is simply slotted into a recess from the front, with its 10mm aluminium bezel providing a stylish flush finish.

The IP65 range is a panel-mounted LCD, LED and touch screen solution, designed to be tough and rugged. These Winmate displays are IP65-rated from the front and are ideal for use in harsh, wet and dusty environments.

LED Technology
With environmental consciousness becoming more and more of a global issue, applications are beginning to focus on LED backlight technology as an alternative to the traditional CCFL backlight displays. The LED (Light Emitting Diode) is an energyconserving, long-life, low-polluting, highly-efficient product, and is quickly becoming the answer to the question of future lighting management.

Winmate High Brightness LED

High Brightness LCD solutions have always been a flawed concept. Requiring an excessive amount of power and generating a great deal of heat, they have always resulted in high running costs and a short life span. This has all changed however with the introduction of LED backlit solutions. LED’s are renowned for being far more economical than regular LCD and even more importantly they generate a lot less heat.

If you require a High Brightness touch screen enabled solution for light areas, shop windows or even outdoor use, and you are concerned about power consumption, picture quality, versatility and durability, then you need a Winmate High Brightness LED display.

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