Why Use Biometric Security? 4 Reasons It’s the Way to Go

Why use biometric security?

In a world where cyber crime is a very real threat, protecting confidential information is becoming more difficult.

Traditional passwords are becoming less effective against increasingly sophisticated hackers, and with more devices connected to the Internet of Things, security is of vital importance.

What is biometric security?

Biometric security is a method of authentication that allows access to a system or facility based on the verification of a person’s unique physical characteristics.

A biometric security system will analyse a particular characteristic and compare it to a stored profile to verify a person’s identity.

Biometric security systems measure physical characteristics which don’t change over a person’s lifetime, including fingerprints, hand patterns, voice, eyes, ears and other facial characteristics.

So, why use biometric security over other methods of authentication? Here are four reasons it’s the way to go.

Passwords aren’t enough

With the recent rise in cyber crime, many organisations are turning to two-factor authentication to beef up their security.

Whilst it’s undoubtedly true that two passwords are better than one, the reliance on passwords still leaves 2FA security systems vulnerable to breaches.

Biometric security helps to combat this, because it’s much more difficult to mimic somebody’s physical characteristics than it is to hack through a password.

It improves accountability

Biometric logins enable administrators to connect users directly to particular events or actions, creating a clear audit trail of activities and transactions.

This makes it more likely that you’ll be able to identify the source of a security breach, giving you complete accountability.

The IoT is growing

As the IoT world proliferates, user authentication needs to become more sophisticated to keep pace.

It’s been widely reported that IoT devices are susceptible to hacking, and with most devices sending and receiving information constantly, the likelihood of a breach multiplies exponentially.

With this in mind, it’s absolutely crucial to ensure these devices are as well-protected as they can be. Biometric authentication adds an extra layer of security.

It’s quick and convenient

Biometric authentication is quicker than traditional security methods – users can be verified or rejected in seconds.

It’s also more convenient, as users don’t need to remember passwords or carry ID cards or badges.

In large organisations, the time saved can add up, making biometric security systems much more efficient.

Why use biometric security? Key points

Why use biometric security?

We hope we’ve answered that question for you – it’s more secure than traditional security methods, it improves accountability, it’s more efficient, and it’s becoming more and more necessary with the proliferation of IoT devices.

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