Why Functionality Matters for Digital Kiosks

Digital kiosks need to work in a way that feels natural, organic and above all, easy to use. 

Whether you’re placing them in a shopping centre, conference space or travel hub, you need to ensure that they work in a way that’s intuitive, simple and effective. 

Here are some tips on why you need to make functionality for digital kiosks your priority .


Functionality for Digital Kiosks in Shopping Centres

As the online world continues to overshadow the high street, people are becoming accustomed to being able to find what they want quickly and at the touch of a button. 

This means shopping in the real world can sometimes feel confusing, especially in large shopping centres with multiple stores. 

Digital kiosks in shopping centres need to be have quick loading times, simple, clear displays and be easy to navigate by people of all ages and abilities. 

Being able to find the information they’re looking for, whether this is a certain shop or directions to the exit, means that shoppers can have an enjoyable and stress-free experience. 

For casual shoppers, especially older people and those who are not accustomed to technology, simple and effective functionality is a way of making the shopping centre environment far less intimidating. 


Functionality for Digital Kiosks in Travel Hubs 

When you’re looking for information in a train station, bus station or airport, the chances are that you need to find it as quickly as possible. 

This means the user interface should run smoothly and be free from glitches or other common problems such as poorly configured screens. 

Buying tickets, searching for timetables or other service information needs to be an easy process, without too many options and with minimal waiting times. 

Digital Kiosks were essentially designed to reduce queuing times and make life more convenient. 

When they don’t work correctly or have poor functionality, they can end up doing the exact opposite. This is bad for both you, as a kiosk provider as well as your client. 


Functionality for Digital Kiosks in Hotels and Restaurants

When guests arrive for a meal or an overnight stay, they need their experience to be as welcoming as possible. Especially when they’re on holiday or enjoying a special occasion. 

Digital kiosks for hotels and restaurants should help to speed up and streamline things like booking systems and the ordering process. 

If your customers need to ask a member of staff for assistance, the chances are the user interface, or the performance of the kiosk needs some serious attention. 


Why Functionality Matters for Digital Kiosks: A summary

Ultimately, digital kiosk technology was created to make life easier for everyone, not more difficult. 

If the functionality of your kiosk is poor, it ends up doing the exact opposite of this by creating more work for staff and a more awkward experience for customers. 

Ideally, anybody who uses a digital kiosk should walk away feeling as if they’ve saved time and most importantly, found exactly the information they’re looking for. 

To achieve this, simplicity, an understanding of your customers needs and a practical approach to user interface are essential.