Where to put an interactive kiosk: Everything you need to know

We often get asked where to put an interactive kiosk and it’s a fair question.

A hidden machine limits the benefits of having one so you will need to think about it carefully.

To help you out we’ve pulled together some top tips so that you and your customers realise the full potential of your new investment.

Read on to find out more…

Be prepared and do your planning: Before you receive the kiosks

Before you buy anything, you need to think about what the kiosks will be used for.

There’s so many different things they can do and it’s therefore vital to have clearly defined goals for your machines.

For example if the kiosks are going to help customers navigate around a store then you will want to put them in the areas with the highest footfall.

They will also need to be removed from the flow of traffic to allow customers to make their way naturally around the shop without being impeded.

In all likelihood as a business owner or manager you will know where most customers will be drawn to but it is still worth checking and making note.

Keep watch and be ready to change: After the kiosks have been installed

Now you have welcomed the beautiful machines into your business you should be keeping an eye on them and how useful they are to you and your customers.

You should have installed (or had an expert install) a tracking application so you can see how often your kiosks are being used and for what functions.

This will provide you with a load of data ranging from how long the customers are using it for to what functions they are using it for.

Analyse this data it and use it to your advantage.

If you find that one area needs more kiosks than another be ready to adapt and move them if you can.

You may also find that the customer prefers using the kiosk for one reason more than another and in this case you should prioritise the machines for the most needed function.

After completing your analysis you will be able to figure out your return on investment and have effective they have been.

If it looks like you will be able to make more money by investing in additional kiosks then why not?

If you find that customers love the machines then, again, why not add more?

Where to put an interactive kiosk: The conclusion

When you are asking yourself where to put an interactive kiosk the main thing you should be wondering is: “What function will it fulfill?”

It is ultimately this which will determine where you place them.

But once you have found a place to put it your work does not stop there.

To get the best return on investment be prepared to be flexible and if you need to move one then go for it.