What Metrics Should A Digital Signage Project Measure?

Digital signage services come hand in hand with metrics. Looking at metrics and using them to inform future decisions is an essential part of any company wishing to grow in the current economy.

Metrics to measure include customer engagement time, total number of sessions and number of sales. 

A successful digital campaign is powerful and can create more conversions compared to any other marketing strategy, but only if you know how to measure the metrics. 

Tapping into this rich metrics data can offer good insights into how customers are shopping, and inform your future strategy.


Where do I start?

If you’re wondering ‘what should I consider when choosing digital signage for my project?’, 

The first step is to find a sound metrics system that can measure your business capability, and measure what you want to find out. 

For example, you may want to know how well your signage is attracting customers to make a purchase – essentially whether you’re getting tangible returns from your digital signage investment. 


Why Digital Signage Metrics are Important

Here are three ways you can keep your digital signage project in check. The first two steps measure how effective your project is after you have deployed it, while the last step allows you to find out what you have achieved. 


Keep it Simple

If you consider average dwell time, you will have a clear idea of customers’ level of engagement with your signage content.

The main point here is looking at the amount of time anyone spends actively interacting with your content. 



Web analytics is one of the best ways you can get data on your digital footprint. Sessions essentially keep track of all the activities performed by a unique visitor.

It is an excellent device for informing your marketing strategy because it shows the interests of each particular visitor. Sessions keep track of their interests and purchases. Therefore, this can offer you suggestions with regards to what journey customers take and how they do or do not end up at a purchase.


Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Before accepting any digital project, one of the most critical points to consider is KPI. They are useful in making decisions on whether your project will succeed or fail.

Features to look for include:

  • Interaction
  • Conversions
  • Impressions
  • Social Media
  • Brand awareness

Digital Signage Metrics Can Help Improve Sales

You can improve sales by measuring metrics that can help you improve your business using the rich data available to you such as customer engagement time, sessions and KPI.