Wearable Technology: 5 of the World’s Weirdest

Ever since a German scientist invented a camera that could be strapped to a pigeon, wearable technology has been on the rise.

With the advent of the Apple Watch and fitness devices like the Fitbit, wearable technology is becoming more and more commonplace. Experts predict this trend is only going to continue.

Inevitably, alongside the useful gadgets becoming ever more popular, some of the more ‘inventive’ tech companies have jumped on the bandwagon with a host of wacky, wonderful and downright bizarre devices.

We’ve rounded up five of the world’s weirdest examples of wearable technology:


Hair loss is an inevitable part of growing older – or so we thought.

Bald heads may soon be the relic of an uncivilised past thanks to the iGrow hair growth helmet.

The high-tech hat uses Low Level Light Therapy to stimulate hair re-growth and promote ‘the proliferation of thick, full and healthier-looking hair’.

If that wasn’t enough, the iGrow is equipped with headphones – so you can listen to your favourite music whilst growing your new lustrous locks.

Radiate Athletics

You know that feeling when you’re lifting weights at the gym but the people around you just aren’t giving your god-like physical prowess the attention it deserves?

Well now you can show them just how impressive you really are with Radiate Athletics clothing.

These ‘thermal vision’ garments monitor your exertion levels and change colour in the locations you’re exerting yourself the most.

Just make sure you tell everyone as loudly as you can how your t-shirt works, or they won’t be able to express their admiration for you.


DrumPants turn the wearer’s body into a musical instrument. The small, flexible drum pads can be inserted into clothing and shoes, and can connect to over 300 music apps.

Gone are the days when drummers had to lug around a whole drum kit to make music. Now all they have to do is hit themselves in the legs.


Wearing a necklace is so annoying, right? You have to pick it up, unfasten it, put it on, fasten it up. It’s a wonder anyone bothers.

Thankfully, NECLUMI is here to solve that problem. NECLUMI is the world’s first ‘projection-based, interactive necklace’.

That’s right – a tiny projector attached to your chest projects a necklace made of light onto your neck.

Who knows where this revolutionary technology may lead? Perhaps soon we’ll be able to project light-based clothes onto our bodies rather than having to go through the rigmarole of getting dressed every day. One can only hope.

WonderWoof smart bowtie

The WonderWoof is a bowtie for dogs – but not just any bowtie.

Sort of like a doggy Fitbit (not to mention a stylish accessory), the bluetooth bowtie device monitors your dog’s activity in real time, tracks its analytics and helps you meet other dog-lovers in your area.

You no longer have to spend days at work wondering whether your dog is walking, running or sleeping. The WonderWoof will tell you all these things and more.

The world’s weirdest wearable technology

So there you have it – five of the world’s weirdest wearable technology gadgets. Snap them up before they sell out!