Four ways digital kiosks can make visitor management simple

Visitor management has never been more important. Having control over who is on your premises is key for controlling COVID transmission. It’s also essential for maintaining two-metre social distancing and on-site security.

Step three of lockdown easing is beginning and businesses can welcome groups of up to six visitors from two households. In light of this news, managing on-site visitors is a challenge you might well be facing once again.

Welcoming and monitoring guests can be a time-consuming process, for both staff members and the guests themselves.

So how can digital kiosks help to streamline the system, making managing visitors easy?

Reduce queues and support social distancing

With long queues in small spaces, check-in areas can be a sticking point for social distancing.

You can spread digital kiosks around a space, ensuring that guests stay separated. Privacy screens are also an option if the area is not large enough.

Kiosks could benefit your reception staff, too. Studies have found 32% of employees are anxious about catching or spreading Covid at work. You can help your staff feel safer by removing the need to make face-to-face contact with many new people each day.

Deliver guests the information they need

Many sites have their own extensive safety protocols that all visitors must run through. It’s easy to spend hours explaining the same rules over and over again – not to mention the health and safety threat posed by language barriers.

Interactive kiosks could make this process seamless. Kiosks can be customised to show the necessary information to each guest. They can then prompt users to check that they’ve read and understood the rules.

Not only does this save time, it makes it easy to track that protocols are followed. While we all believe we work efficiently, 50% of data loss incidents are due to human mistakes. 

Creating a safe, secure database of past visitors’ information could mitigate the impact of these types of mistakes.

Biometric security solutions

Controlling on-site security is a real challenge when you don’t know who is there at all times. 

These security issues could have a real impact on your bottom line. At some work locations, like construction sites, 21% of businesses experience a theft every week. 

Biometric solutions are an efficient way to control who can – and can’t – access your site. With no passwords to forget, they make it easy to restrict access to only those visitors you want on-site. 

This also means it’s a safer option for guests, since it’s impossible for their sensitive data to be leaked or stolen.

This high-tech solution could reflect your business well in the eyes of guests, too. 

Studies have found almost half of consumers prefer biometric solutions. They’ll help to make a professional impression on any new visitors you welcome.

Pre-register guests and save precious time

QR codes are suddenly everywhere, thanks to COVID check-ins and touch-free menus. What’s more, 47% of consumers say they make life easier

It’s also possible to incorporate this tech into digital kiosks. Customisable kiosks allow you to install QR code scanners which can read a guest’s phone. 

This means guests can complete the sign-in process before they arrive on your site – a win for social distancing and saving staff’s time.

Internet kiosks are another option to make it simple for guests to access pre-registered information. With visitors entering their information at home, they’ll require less management when they arrive on-site.

Conclusion: Welcome back your visitors

Managing visitors will always be a challenge – but they’ve also been sorely missed in the past year of social distancing.

One way to make the most of the ability to meet in-person again is by installing digital kiosks. Simplifying the admin processes of welcoming visitors leaves your business free to focus on the important interactions with your returning guests.