Video Content for Digital Signage – the Ultimate Communication Tool

If you’ve made the decision to invest in digital signage for your business or organisation – congratulations! Digital signage is great for displaying information quickly and easily in a way that catches the customer’s eye.

But in order to do that, you need appealing digital content that stands out.

Step forward, video content!

Video content for digital signage is the best way to engage your audience and communicate your message. Its vibrancy, dynamism and energy draw customers’ attention and convey information in a way that static content just can’t.

These are a few of the most compelling reasons to take advantage of video content for digital signage:

Video looks good

The most obvious reason to use video is that it captures and holds viewers’  attention. If you’re waiting in a queue and a screen nearby is displaying animated graphics, your eye will naturally be drawn to it. A static poster next to it will likely go unnoticed.

Instead of just glancing briefly as you would at a static image, you’ll be drawn in by the video content and will continue watching it. This gives businesses and organisations the opportunity to drive home messages and reinforce brand values.

Video improves retention

As well as allowing brands to communicate messages more effectively, video content also helps viewers remember those messages. Statistics show that the amount of information a viewer retains after watching a one-minute video is equal to the amount of information they’d retain after reading about 1.8 million written words.

Which would you rather have – static content with 1.8 million words on it, or a single video?

We thought so.

Video creates positive brand associations

Think of a really great advert you’ve seen on TV or online – one that really stuck with you. It may have been clever or funny or beautiful to look at. But for whatever reason, you remembered it. Now think about what it was advertising. Did it improve or worsen your opinion of that brand or product? It improved it, right?

Video has the power to create positive brand associations because it has a greater capacity to make viewers feel something. By incorporating more sensory elements, it can evoke an emotional response which lasts beyond the viewing experience.

It’s these emotional responses that help brands connect with their audiences on a far deeper level than static content allows them to.

Video increases sales

Digital marketing specialist Single Grain reports some statistics it’s difficult to argue with:

On the web, landing pages with video result in 800% more conversions, and 88% of visitors stay longer on a website that has a video displayed prominently.

Of those that stay longer, 64% are more likely to buy after viewing a single product video. 52% of consumers also say that watching product videos gives them more confidence in buying.

Video content for digital signage is the way forward

There’s a good reason that 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide think that video has the best ROI of any type of content. Video now dominates the web, and its onslaught is showing no signs of slowing down. The same is happening in the digital signage world – so don’t get left behind.

Video content for digital signage works. It grabs attention, engages viewers and leaves them with a memorable, distinct impression of your brand. If you’ve invested in digital signage, don’t undermine your investment with second-rate content. If you want your message to be communicated effectively, opt for video.