Using Digital Kiosks and Loyalty Schemes to Enhance Brand Loyalty

When it comes to running a business and making sure that you are a success, one key thing that you need to make sure you build is loyalty to your brand.

The more loyal that your customers are to your brand the more sales you’ll make with them, and then, in turn, the more chance that they will recommend you to others.

This means that you’ll need to do whatever you can to build on this brand loyalty.

The good news is that there are a variety of ways that you can do this and one that you may not have thought about is by using digital kiosks.

But, why are they are effective?

And how can you use digital kiosks to enhance loyalty with your brand?

Why you need digital kiosks

One of the main reasons that you might need a digital kiosk is because customers are becoming increasingly hard to please.

They expect things to be as quick as possible, to be easy, and that your ordering process will be as streamlined as possible.

It doesn’t matter if you are a retail store or a restaurant or anything else in between, having the ability to make sure that they can order and pay with a few simple clicks of button is going to ensure the best customer service for your brand.

But more than that, digital kiosks are actually a great way to ensure that you increase brand loyalty within your customer base.

How do I use digital kiosks to increase brand loyalty?

When you take the time to install digital kiosks, your customers will interact with them, which means that if you add in the ability to increase brand loyalty to the experience then this is great news for you.

One of the main ways that you can do this is to provide them with the chance to add on things to their purchases.

Loyalty programmes

This could be loyalty programme sign-ups as well as asking them surveys and offering them promotions on their future or current purchases too.

Taking a closer look at loyalty programme sign ups, it used to be the case that your staff members would need to ask customers at the till whether they wanted to sign up for a loyalty programme.

This put the customer under pressure and also would mean that they feel the need to share personal details in front of other people in the queue- not exactly the ideal situation for making customers feel comfortable setting up a loyalty account.

Including this on a digital kiosk means that they can enter the details for themselves whilst they are in the process of checking out.

They will feel a lot more secure about the information they are providing to you and they will also not feel so much pressure to agree.

It also means that there is a reduced margin of error. If a customer is entering their details themselves then they often know their data by heart, and they can give it a proper check over before they leave.

Increasing brand loyalty – conclusion

Digital kiosks are a great addition to your business, and are a sound investment to make.

Making sure that you are aware of how they can work for you and then putting them in place can hugely improve your brand loyalty as well as your customer experience.