Upgrading Digital Signage Software: the Why and When

Upgrading digital signage software is an essential step if you want your systems to continue performing optimally.

Software updates will keep your business on the cutting edge while improving customer service and increasing sales.

The investment itself should be small in terms of both time and money – but that doesn’t make it any less vital.

Why should I upgrade my digital signage software?

Many companies fail to keep up to date with digital signage software changes, viewing them as unimportant or unnecessary. The truth is, they’re neither.

Keeping current with the latest releases makes sense, and not only because it maintains a consistently modern impression of your business.

Benefits of upgrading digital signage software include:

  • Updated features: as new programmes are developed, new technologies utilised and data evaluated, software manufacturers introduce new features to improve the performance of their machines.
  • Bug resolutions: even the most thoroughly tested system isn’t infallible. Bugs can develop over time, but they’re usually caught during the development of the next generation of software.
  • Ongoing support: software companies aren’t able to offer support indefinitely. When a product becomes too old, security patches will no longer function properly and fixes will become trickier. Even if a piece of software can still be put right, it’s likely to take much longer if it’s several years old.

Don’t be put off by the possibility of having to reinvest in new hardware. It’s a common misconception that changing the software might mean changing the signage itself. Upgrading the software will rarely require any replacement of the hardware.

On the other hand, failing to update could eventually lead to problems that are serious enough to demand a whole new machine.

When should I upgrade my digital signage software?

It can be tough to know when updates are needed. The most obvious and effective approach is to stay current with the software developer. They’ll announce upcoming upgrades, let you know what changes will be made and provide plenty of practical information.

Signs that you need to upgrade include:

  • Slow running times and breakdowns: if you notice your system is running slower than it used to, or it suffers from regular freeze-ups, it’s time to sort out the software.
  • You’re upgrading the rest of your network: your touchscreen systems should be considered part of your existing network.
  • Your system appears old: sometimes the easiest way of finding out whether you need to upgrade is by looking at the competition’s systems. Do they feel more modern than yours, or have features yours don’t?

Upgrading digital signage software is key to the success of your systems

Your digital signage and kiosk systems are extremely valuable, and upgrading digital signage software regularly is the best way to optimise their use. Follow the advice in this guide to make sure you don’t fall behind.