Uniwall Kiosk

The Uniwall Kiosk is a highly flexible and incredibly versatile biometric concept. It can be configured to meet a wide range of business and consumer scenarios. Using accurate biometric identification to deliver an automated, personalised user experience. The Uniwall Kiosk can recognise and uniquely identify an individual and then use that information to take actions set up by you, depending on the identity of the person using it. Secure, accurate, reliable and trustworthy, the Uniwall Kiosk can be deployed wherever individuals need to be uniquely identified quickly, precisely and without using staff resources. A Uniwall Kiosk can be utilised to allow access, release assets or to add value and gain a business advantage. The robust construction of the Uniwall Kiosk makes it an ideal unit for both Industrial and Secure locations.


  • Secure locking
  • Bespoke software options
  • Customisable
  • Stylish and robust design
  • Improved accessibility
  • Privacy


  • Secure environment
  • Public Sector or education
  • Healthcare

Standard Kiosk Specification:

Display: 18.5″ colour LCD
Touch Screen: 18.5″ Infrared Touch Screen
Dimensions: 510mm Wide x 445mm High x 70mm Deep
Finish: Powder coated


Available options include: WIFI network connection, Biometric Fingerprint Reader, Printer