Type 23 Frigate

Type 23 Frigate: Whilst the Royal Navy still have 13 ships of this class in operation they have also sold a number to other Navys

Acante are contracted to retro engineer a USB replacement for the original 9100 Tape Drive storage system. The new USB 9120 captures data much faster and stores 140X as much information as the old tape system

About Acante

Acante leverages extensive expertise in systems integration, electrical/mechanical design, and MIL environmental qualification together with a complete line of rugged embedded computer boards and enclosures to minimize cost, ensure high reliability and accelerate time-to-market for its customers.

Acante serves a large, diverse group of military and commercial contractors developing intelligent, ruggedized computing and communications solutions for harsh field environments. Acante has strong customer relationships with numerous UK government contractors, military branches, aeronautics, transportation, energy and telecommunications giants. Key customers include Atlas Elecktronik, BAE Systems, Thales, Samsung and O2 among many others.

Because of the broad applications for embedded computing technology, Dicoll’s products can be found on land, air, and sea, performing system monitoring, data logging, diagnostics, communication, and sub-system control. Typically customers outsource their complete computer hardware platform to Acante along with BIOS and device driver support. This partnership enables customers to not de-focus from their core competencies or end application software development.

Acante specializes in rapid turnkey systems integration and development services, designing complete embedded computer systems tailor-made to customer requirements through the use of companys seasoned in-house engineering, testing, and production expertise to facilitate the process from rapid concept to prototype and production.