Transactional Kiosks: Benefits And Uses

The transactional kiosk is a prime example of the way the digital age has transformed the consumer experience.

A touch screen, self service device that lets users pay efficiently and independently using embedded contactless technology, it is one of the many reasons cash payments have continued to decline in the UK.

So what do the customers themselves think about transactional kiosks? Studies show that dependent on the complexity of the product, people prefer both a mix of digital and humanised customer service.

The transactional kiosk is thus a happy medium a retail space can offer.

More sales

The great thing about transactional kiosks is their adaptability in purpose.
From banks, restaurants to retail stores, transactional kiosks are unlimited in where they could be utilised.

In all sectors, customers are able to access a full array of what’s on offer and view product descriptions which they might not necessarily have had access to through personal cashiers.

If they know more is on offer, they will most likely be interested in buying more.
A good example of this is transactional kiosks in restaurants that showcase the appetiser, mains, and desert menu all at once, which entices the consumer to buy from each product display.

Boosting engagement

The transactional kiosk is also a great way to inform the customer of any promotional opportunities and trial how effective advertising is.

Many stores have used it to test out their latest deals on customers, evaluating the level of engagement based on uptake of these promotional opportunities.

Once consumers see that the company is invested in improving the buying experience for them, the company automatically becomes more reputable. This means a loyal customer base and eventually more sales.

Increased payment options

With the introduction of Apple pay and Android pay, companies should prepare for the diverse ways a customer can now purchase a product.

Apple and Android pay are embedded into the kiosk, meaning any customer with an Apple mobile phone or an Android phone can pay with just their mobile phone present, providing they have entered their card details into the app.

This is convenient for the days when you forget your payment card at home or misplace it.

Thus, what is important to note is embracing the increase of choice people are now presented with through advanced technology. This is what the transactional kiosk aims to do.

Contact-free consumer experience

For long queues and slow service, the transactional kiosk is an ideal solution.
Able to cut queue times whilst saving the cost of having to hire more staff, it affordably gives consumers a quick and efficient service.

Some customers may also want discretion in their purchases and to be free of any judgement that human customer service may result in.

The transactional kiosk allows this to be possible and removes the middle person between a customer and the purchase of a product.

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