Touchscreens in the Medical Industry: New Self-Service Pharmacy Kiosk

Touchscreens in the medical industry have been providing innovative services for many years. The arrival of new technology means that even more exciting developments are constantly being made.

Now, a new touchscreen kiosk has been developed in South Korea that could make a trip to the pharmacy quicker and easier while helping pharmacies to increase their sales.


The Self-Service Pharmacy Kiosk

A new touchscreen kiosk has been developed in South Korea by SK Broadband and Online Pharm, as reported in the Korean Times.

The kiosk is called ‘on kiosk’, and it is a dedicated pharmacy kiosk that provides assistance to customers when they enter the pharmacy.

We all know that waiting times in pharmacies can be long, which is inconvenient for customers. The ‘on kiosk’ self-service touchscreen aims to solve these problems.

Features of the New Kiosk

The ‘on kiosk’ is a self-service kiosk similar to those you will find in many stores these days. However, it has a number of features that make it suitable for pharmacies.

For a start, it is multilingual and allows customers to use it in Chinese, Japanese or English. Customers can also use it to order their prescriptions and pay for them all in one place.

This is achieved through the use of a QR code or a barcode, which customers can use to order their prescriptions. There is no need to interact with any of the pharmacists, cutting down on queue times. The kiosk also supports inventory management and sales management for pharmacies.

As well as cutting down on queue times, the kiosk also frees up pharmacists working in the pharmacy so that they can provide more specialist advice to other customers.

The kiosks can also be used by customers to order over-the-counter supplements and vitamins, and the pharmacy can choose which products to promote. This can provide them with an important new source of sales by allowing them to cross-sell or upsell their products.


Benefits of Touchscreens in the Medical Industry

This is just one example of how touchscreens in the medical industry are providing many benefits. Other types of kiosks include check-in kiosks so patients can check-in faster; wayfinding kiosks that help people find their way around large hospitals; and even biometric kiosks that can take measurements and help patients make more informed decisions.

These help to save time for patients, provide a better service and free up specialists like doctors and pharmacists to focus on more complex health issues.

Telemedicine kiosks, where patients can interact with a doctor or a pharmacist in a different location via a video screen, can also provide better health access to patients in remote areas.


More Innovations Will Come to the Medical Industry

It’s an exciting time in the medical industry, and lots of innovations are being made as the new pharmacy kiosk shows. As touchscreens in the medical industry get smarter and technology improves, there is no saying what they could be capable of.

What is certain is that kiosks are certain to play an even more important role in helping health professionals, patients and the medical industry as a whole.