Touchscreen Kiosks for Events: 5 Ways to Engage Your Audience

Touchscreen kiosks for events are a great way to reach new audiences and engage existing ones.

If your business or organisation exhibits at events, or holds its own events, kiosks could be a valuable investment.

If your business exhibits at trade shows or conferences, touchscreen kiosks could help raise your business’ profile by creating a unique and memorable experience for visitors.

If your organisation holds its own events, kiosks could provide new opportunities to connect with your audience in innovative ways.

Here are five ways to use touchscreen kiosks for events:

Data capture

Touchscreen kiosks for events can allow you to display a signup form or survey to collect visitors’ details, making it easy for them to enter their information.

The easier it is to give you their details, the more likely visitors are to do it. This could be a brilliant opportunity to sign people up to your mailing list or loyalty scheme, or recruit new members.

Take orders onsite

If you advertise your products or services at events, touchscreen kiosks could provide an easy self-service platform for visitors to place orders there and then. This would leave you and your colleagues free to chat to other customers and drum up more business.

It would also provide an opportunity to advertise promotions and discounts, and create tailored content to really drive sales.

Again, your kiosks could offer customers the opportunity to sign up to your newsletter as part of the ordering process.

Online engagement

If your business or organisation has a website full of engaging content, you could show it off to visitors at events via touchscreen kiosks.

You can set up your kiosks to display web browsers with access to certain web pages. This would allow you to showcase the best parts of your website and highlight key content.

Giving visitors this opportunity to engage with your content could help to cement your brand identity in visitors’ minds and foster lasting relationships.

Research and feedback

If you’ve recently launched a new product or service, or are planning to launch one soon, you could use kiosks to gather information about it from visitors.

If you have new products at the event for visitors to try out, your kiosks could offer a platform for them to give feedback on the product. Or, you could use your kiosks as an opportunity to conduct market research to find out how visitors might respond to a new product you have in the pipeline.

Getting visitors involved in this way will show them that you value their opinions, and are eager to solve their problems.


A surefire way to engage visitors is to run a competition. People love prizes, and touchscreen kiosks for events make offering them easy.

You could use your kiosks to advertise a prize draw or quiz, requiring visitors to simply enter their details or answer a few questions.

Or, for a really memorable experience, you could set up your kiosks to run a game for visitors to play, and offer a prize to the visitor with the highest score.

Touchscreen kiosks for events: a summary

Touchscreen kiosks for events provide a multitude of opportunities to engage with visitors, create new business and nurture relationships with customers.

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