Touch Screen Technology: 4 Industries that are Leading the Way

Touch screen technology has well and truly made its mark on society. In just a few decades it’s gone from futuristic innovation to everyday technology.

Many of us use touch screen technology on a daily basis. It’s become an indispensable tool for both personal and business use.

Lots of industries have embraced the technology to innovate the way customers access their products and services. Here are four industries that are leading the way in using touch screen technology to improve the customer experience.


It’s become common practice at GP surgeries for patients to sign in via a touch screen when they arrive. These touch screen systems use a simple user interface, and help to reduce queueing and waiting times.

As well as making sign-in quicker, it allows the surgery to gather useful information like what time the patient signed in, how long they had to wait before they were seen and how often they visit.

It also frees up staff time, enabling receptionists to dedicate themselves to other tasks like answering the phone, making appointments and dealing with patient queries.

Museums and galleries

Museums and galleries often use touch screen technology to make exhibitions interactive.

Touch screens allow museums and galleries to display information in a much more flexible and exciting way, using video, sound, images, narrative and animation to bring the exhibitions to life.

They allow visitors to actively engage with the exhibits, encouraging them to dig deeper and learn more. They can be particularly effective in engaging children.


Fast food giant McDonald’s recently implemented touch screen ordering systems. Rather than queueing up to be served, customers order their food from touch screen kiosks and have it brought to their tables.

But it’s not just fast food chains that have embraced the technology. London restaurant Inamo has interactive touch screen tabletops which allow diners to order and pay for food directly from the table.

Diners can also play games, choose a digital tablecloth and find out about the surrounding area through the interactive table.

Public transport and travel

Most UK train stations are now equipped with touch screen kiosks for buying tickets and planning journeys.

Lots of airlines and airports have also installed touch screen systems to make the check-in and bag drop processes quicker and easier. Interactive touch screen maps are often used in airports to help travellers find their way around.

Touch screen kiosks at tourist information points often provide maps and information about the surrounding area and popular tourist destinations.

Travel is often confusing, particularly if travellers aren’t familiar with the area, and using touch screen technology in this way can make travelling a lot easier.

Touch screen technology: looking forward to the future

Touch screens have the potential to make processes quicker, easier and more interesting for users. As the technology becomes more commonplace, more and more people are learning to engage with it.

As touch screen technology becomes more advanced and easier to produce, we predict that many more industries will start to embrace it.