The National Trust Kiosks

The National Trust uses touchscreen and kiosk technology to deliver virtual tours in their properties

The National Trust has been working on a project to develop a consistent approach to the provision of virtual tours in their properties. The project was in response to continuing aims to find new ways of interpreting properties for visitors, with the emphasis on good design, variety of content, accessibility and usability, both of the tour software and the equipment.

We were asked to propose a range of Kiosk and touch screen solutions that would be used by Trust properties to deliver the virtual tours.

Together with Corvidae Ltd, an exhibition and interactive production company appointed by the National Trust to provide the virtual tours, we developed a range of touch screen and kiosk solutions to fit the exacting requirements of the National Trust.

Now we are working with The National Trust and Corvidae to supply desktop, wall mount and floor standing virtual tour touch screen and kiosk solutions across the UK

We have a huge variety of properties that want to use the virtual tour interpretation. It was important to us to find a company that could provide a range of solutions so that there was something appropriate for as many properties as possible and for visitors. It was also important to find a company that could respond quickly and easily to any changes in requirements. The robust technology, variety of solutions and complete supply and support service is so far proving a good match to our requirements. quote from Heather Smith, Head of Access for All, The National Trust.