The Future of Augmented Reality: How It Will Change Our Interaction with the World

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that just won’t stay out of the news. It has been around for a while now, but it hit the big time when Pokemon Go was launched, and it has been causing a lot of excitement ever since. The future of augmented reality is definitely one to watch!

But where is the technology going? Is it really going to change our lives? Here are some ways that AR is already changing our world, along with how it could impact our lives in the future.

Shopping Online

First up: how will the future of augmented reality affect online shopping?

This is certainly one area that AR is going to shake up in a big way. Augmented reality software can be used to make the online shopping experience more like visiting a physical store.

For example, you could use an AR app that allows you to ‘try on’ a new item of clothing in your own home before you buy it. Change the colour or the size with the touch of a button, and find the perfect item without having to try it on in person.

Or you might want to buy a new item of furniture for your home. With AR, you could try out a sofa in your living room simply by pointing your phone’s camera in the right direction.

Some companies are already doing this. Maybelline has trialled an AR app that allows shoppers to try different shades of nail polish to see what they look like without actually applying them. Expect to see a lot of similar experiences in the near future.

Shopping in Stores

When looking at the future of augmented reality, physical stores are also set to benefit. Shoppers might soon be able to scan products in-store to instantly reveal more information about them. This can be especially useful for complex products that can be explained in simple language. The user might even be able to interact with the app to personalise the experience.


The future of augmented reality in healthcare is relatively easy to predict as AR technology is already being used in medicine. According to this infographic, healthcare will be the second most important industry behind video games for VR and AR in 2025.

The Accuvein scanner, for example, is used to help medical professionals locate veins in patients by having the veins projected onto the skin so they are more likely to find them the first time. More tools like this are certain to appear in coming years.


AR technology is likely to become an important part of the travel experience in many ways. From apps that allow you to find out information when visiting new places by pointing your camera at objects, to using AR maps to navigate new places. Just look at the Blippar AR City to see how good the technology already is.

The Future of Augmented Reality – A $1 Trillion Industry?

These are some of the ways that AR technology is changing the world around us already and could change it even more in the coming years. In fact, many people think that it could become the next big thing.

To put it into perspective, Jay Samit from Deloitte Digital has suggested it could become a $1 trillion industry that could be even bigger than the internet and mobile.

Whatever the future of augmented reality, it’s certainly an exciting technology and it will be interesting to see the new ways that we come to rely on it more over the coming decades.

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