Why temperature screening kiosks will be crucial in 2021

Temperature screening kiosks will be a common sight in 2021 as offices, shops, venues and other establishments begin to reopen. 

You may have been asked to stand in front of a temperature screening kiosk, or had a so-called thermometer gun pointed at your forehead within the last year while visiting somewhere.

In April 2020, Amazon reportedly temperature checked more than 100,000 employees per day at select sites in the United States.

A survey by Vending Times showed both equipment and service providers see temperature health screening as a promising new growth opportunity.

How does temperature screening software work?

Temperature screening software works by measuring the heat coming from someone’s skin, rather than their core temperature.

Identifying whether someone has a higher than usual temperature can be a stepping stone for them to take a COVID-19 test or potentially self-isolate. 

Temperature screening software has been in huge demand and will continue to be by businesses looking to reopen following a third UK lockdown. 

Our Temperature Screening Kiosk has an accuracy of ±0.2℃, meaning businesses can feel confident they are screening customers’ temperatures accurately.

The World Health Organisation wrote the risk of importation of COVID-19 could be reduced through temperature screening at entry, alongside other measures such as early detection of symptomatic passengers and referring them for medical follow up. 

It must be made clear temperature screening cannot detect whether someone has COVID-19 or fever-like symptoms.

Why temperature screening kiosks will be crucial in 2021

Technology, such as infrared sensors and temperature screening kiosks, may interest businesses who are keen to protect their staff and customers when reopening. 

Infrared sensors, commonly referred to as thermometer guns, have been used frequently throughout the pandemic – however issues have been reported. 

Thermometer guns are placed near someone’s forehead for an accurate reading, so close contact between two people is required, limiting social distancing efforts. 

Moreover if someone takes their own temperature through one of these handheld infrared sensors, it is said that user error could occur

Therefore temperature screening kiosks could be helpful in the safe, accurate reading of people’s temperatures that businesses may desire when reopening.

Kiosks limit human-to-human interaction, meaning less chance of transmitting the virus between people – reducing unnecessary risk for staff and customers. 

Over a prolonged time frame, kiosks are capable of taking more temperature checks than humans while limiting the scope for human error. 

Why temperature screening kiosks will be common in 2021: in summary

As businesses, offices and venues begin to reopen at full capacity in 2021, temperature screening kiosks will be a common sight as staff and customers are welcomed back safely and cautiously.

If you would like to find out more about our temperature screening kiosks, please contact us and we’ll be delighted to discuss them with you.