Technology in Education: Innovating the Experience

Technology in education is becoming increasingly important as schools and universities adopt digital technologies in classrooms and on campus. So how are they making use of digital signage and touchscreen kiosks? Here are some of the innovative uses educational establishments are finding for technology.

Providing information

One of the best uses for technology in education is to provide information. Digital signage can be used to provide all sorts of information around the school or on campus, all of which can be constantly updated so only the most up-to-date information is displayed.

Digital screens could be used to promote upcoming events in the establishment, provide information about clubs, trips and other extracurricular activities, highlight important news, provide details of services, show emergency information or details about cancelled classes, and display less important information that students might not know about.

This kind of information sharing is especially important on a large university campus where it can be a challenge to keep the students updated and informed. It can sometimes be difficult to get information to staff and students via email or text messages, so the addition of digital information provided across the establishment can be an excellent alternative.

Assisting with navigation

Some establishments are very large – particularly university campuses – and it might be a challenge for staff, students and visitors to find directions to their class or lecture.

One possible solution is to use touchscreen displays that integrate mapping technology. That way, people can use the displays as a quick way to find out how they need to get to their destination.

Improving the welcome experience

Screens can also be used to welcome new students, visitors and staff by providing them with essential information like contact numbers, opening times and more as soon as they arrive.

Multilingual digital signage could also be an effective solution for campuses with international students, and it can help to make the whole university more accessible to all.

Improving the dining experience

Touchscreen kiosks are being increasingly used in restaurants around the world, and they can also be used when it comes to making use of technology in education by placing them in the cafe or dining hall in schools and universities.

Screens could be used to display the menu alongside daily promotions that can be updated with ease. They could also provide health and nutrition information about the food served in the establishment.

Payment kiosks could even be used so that students can order their meals and pay for them via contactless payments, speeding up the process and helping to reduce queues at busy times of the day.

Information gathering

Touchscreen kiosks could be used to collect email addresses and other information from students at the same time as providing information. Establishments could even use the kiosks to ask students questions about their experiences and find out how they use the kiosks, such as the information they look for at particular times or on particular days. They could then use this to improve the services they provide.

Can you make more use of technology in education?

As you can see, there are many ways to make use of technology in education for schools, colleges and universities of all sizes. These are just a few ideas, and there are plenty of other ways you could use screen technology for your own bespoke needs. If you have a specific need, the chances are that technology can provide you with a solution.

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