System C Case Study

System C are a British company founded in 1983 who provide IT solutions to health and social care sectors. Their Medway collection is a clinical and care management system that is used across 40 hospitals in the NHS and by the private sector to help professionals deliver improvements in efficiency and quality of care.

Our customers – hospitals and healthcare providers – are always looking for ways of improving services. Integrating self check-in functionality with our Medway electronic patient record software is one way we can help them improve efficiency at the same time as improving the patient experience.

Patients are increasingly expecting self-registration. Interactive kiosks are a technology they are becoming more familiar with and they perceive it positively as a way of minimising queuing and speeding up processes. Our Ellipse Kiosk provided the solution to this.

We have successfully integrated the kiosks with our Medway software and have received very positive feedback from our customers. Patients report that the Acante kiosks are both quick and easy to use. Our customers say the use of kiosks has speed up check-in times from arrival to registration and freed up staff time to focus on post-appointment administration such booking follow-up appointments.