Here are some of the kiosk software applications that we offer:

  • Newark Interactive Kiosks

    Criminal Justice Solutions

    Our criminal Justice software is not only a solution that allows the detainee to take responsibility of their own lives, but also delivers cost savings to the prison. The system
  • Biometric Access Control Solutions

    Acante's Biometric Access Control System is an identity-based solution, which increases security, intelligence and staff management. This solution has been implemented in a variety of Sectors.
  • Wayfinding Solutions

    Acante's wayfinding software provides easy to understand directions to help improve the visitor experience, these can be found at tourist attractions, museums and other locations. Kiosk Software Reduces requirement for
  • Room Management Solutions

    Acante's room management software takes the stress away from booking rooms, now you can book at ease by checking schedules, availability and any equipment requests too. Kiosk Software Display room
  • Queue Management Solutions

    Acante's queue management software helps to improve the customer experience, by reducing waiting times, keeping customers informed and entertained. Kiosk Software Improve service efficiency Reduce waiting time Improve sales Entertain
  • Hot Desking Solutions

    Acante's hot desking software can help any company maximise their existing workspace by having a quick, easy and efficient system to accommodate those requiring a space. Kiosk Software Maximise existing