Self Service Kiosks for Visitor Attractions: The Benefits

Self service kiosks for visitor attractions can help make sure visitors have a great time – even when it gets crowded.

Visitor attractions like theme parks, zoos and museums often get very busy, especially at weekends and during the holidays, and technology solutions like self-service kiosks are a brilliant way to help things run smoothly.

Self service kiosks for visitor attractions can provide a solution for long queues as well as helping to add to the experience of the attraction in many other ways.

Here are some of the main benefits of self service kiosks for visitor attractions.

Cut queues at food stalls

People get hungry at visitor attractions, and the cafe, restaurant and snack bars can often get very busy. However, big queues can put visitors off and stop them buying anything in the first place, which can affect their enjoyment of the attraction as well as hit your sales.

Self service kiosks provide a solution. More and more restaurants are turning to kiosks as a way of speeding up the ordering process and reducing queue sizes. At the moment, this is becoming particularly common in fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s, which have introduced screens in many of their restaurants.

As well as cutting down queues, the kiosks have other benefits. One of these is that they allow staff to take on more interesting roles, such as greeting customers. Another is that they make it easier to upsell, which can help boost your sales.

Improve wayfinding

Some attractions are very large, especially zoos and theme parks. This can make it difficult for visitors to find their way around, and they might even get lost. And while paper maps are useful, sometimes they’re not ideal.

It might help to provide self service kiosks in various locations around your attraction that provide visitors with interactive maps. That way, visitors can find out exactly where they are in seconds, and they can also find out how to get to where they want to go.

Use screens to advertise

When the kiosks aren’t being used by customers, you can take advantage of them by advertising products, attractions and special offers.

For example, you could highlight a special offer in the restaurant, provide details about a new exhibition or make helpful suggestions for things to see and do.

Provide extra information

There are lots of opportunities to use kiosks to provide extra information. For example, you could include interactive information about the animals at the zoo outside the enclosures.

Or you could bring your museum exhibitions to life by providing information in the form of interactive images and videos, which could help to make the experience more enjoyable for visitors.

Self service kiosks for visitor attractions: A summary

Self service kiosks for visitor attractions can really help to improve the experience. Whether you want to cut waiting times at the restaurant or add to the experience by providing additional information, they can provide great ROI.

Consider the ways you might be able use kiosks in your attraction to ensure your visitors have an even better time.