Room Management Solutions: How Software Can Make Booking Rooms Easy

Looking for room management solutions?

Alongside your staff, the spaces you use – rooms and other venues – are amongst your most valuable resources. 

Whether you are using them for meetings, booking them for interviews, hiring them out to third parties, or opening them up for events, you want to be absolutely sure that you are getting maximum value out of your space.

This is where room management solutions come into their own. Here, at Acante, we can help you take the stress out of room bookings and managing your venues. Let us tailor a bespoke package to meet your organisation’s needs. 

You can then start to benefit from some of the following huge plus-points that effective room management solutions can offer:

Improved efficiency and productivity

Say goodbye to embarrassing double-bookings and time wasted on rescheduling. An effective room management solution makes sure you never encounter these kinds of problems. 

Room reservation software also means eliminating scheduling conflicts as it spells the end of leafing through diaries and paper schedules, not to mention sending endless emails to try and co-ordinate convenient times.

Instead you’ll find you save time through the ability to book rooms offsite as well as on, with intuitive, easy-to-use software. 

Better use of space

You can take the opportunity to make your space work better for you by analysing room usage, booking patterns, and cancellations to help better understand how your office space is utilised. 

You can then plan for greater efficiencies. You could, for example, look at re-marketing some space which can lead to a long-term boost in income. 

Increased flexibility

24/7 access to schedules and the ability to book rooms outside office hours is invaluable to businesses who might have employees or clients who work at unconventional times, or across different time zones. 

With easy-to-check availability, it takes the stress out of room booking. 

You can also easily manage last minute changes and make specific equipment or facilities requests. 

Minimises staffing costs

Instead of needing a specific member of staff for managing schedules and answering room-booking queries, you can now redeploy them and use their expertise in other areas. 

Room booking software decentralises the process and frees up staff to concentrate on other parts of the business. Maximise your organisation’s potential by putting an end to outdated processes.

Great customer experience

Lengthy and inefficient room booking processes are likely to frustrate your clients. 

You can retain them with a robust and reliable room booking system. 

It will also make life easier for your staff and remove barriers to setting up meetings, which can now be done very quickly and easily. 

Do your bit for the environment

By bringing bookings entirely online, you will vastly reduce your use of paper. 

You can also keep a better eye on which rooms are occupied so that you can make decisions regarding heating, air-conditioning and even cutting electricity to rooms that aren’t in use. 

All of this will help you to reduce your carbon footprint, while saving you money at the same time. 

Let us help. We’re here, waiting to talk you through our room management products and how they can help transform your business. Get in touch