The Benefits of Remote Kiosk Monitoring

Interactive kiosks are taking off in many industries across the globe. These devices provide people with services that they can access themselves and are often placed in environments like retail shops, airports, hospitals and other places that benefit from access to internet-enabled services.

They can help processes run more smoothly by performing a few specific tasks to assist a company by removing the need for human interaction and staff intervention; examples are automated check-in systems in an airport or interactive catalogues in a shopping centre.

When you install a remote kiosk in your business, you can also benefit from remote kiosk monitoring services that can prevent error and breakdown. Here are the benefits of remote kiosk monitoring.

Upgrades and Repairs

With remote monitoring, you can lower your maintenance costs and keep your kiosk up to date with all its important updates. These updates include security updates, protecting your kiosk from attacks that may attempt to crack their software and access data. Additionally, should your kiosk encounter a problem, it may become inaccessible and will remain so until a trained employee or technician is deployed to repair it, meaning customers cannot use the kiosk for an extended period. With remote monitoring, administrators can troubleshoot problems, reducing crashes and costly on-site visits.

Log Activities

With remote monitoring, you will be able to log every activity through your kiosk. Every application accessed, when, and the duration that person spent interacting with the kiosk – and the person who interacted with the kiosk if it requires a login. This provides you with crucial information that allows you to monitor the usage of your kiosk and pinpoint any issues as they arise.

Fix Software Problems

Any problems that your kiosk encounters with its software can be fixed remotely with remote monitoring. You won’t need to bring someone on-site for troubleshooting; it can be done by expert technicians who know everything about these kiosks and how to fix software issues as they arise.

Custom Reports

When your kiosk is monitored, it will be able to pull logs and usage information into custom reports providing you with crucial information such as the number of users who interacted with the kiosk, the duration and what was interacted with etc. This information can be vital to market research, allowing you to make updates and changes to the user interface and provide your customers with a more efficient kiosk experience.


Should your kiosk require a reboot to fix any issues, this can be done remotely, so you don’t have to do a physical reset yourself, saving you the time and hassle.

At Acante, we offer a remote kiosk monitoring service as part of your kiosk maintenance package that allows us to take care of any problems with your kiosk that are reported to us by the remote serve via email. We are here to ensure that your interactive kiosks run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. While our machines have proven to be reliable and consistent, we want to ensure that we can assist you in eliminating any inefficiencies. Contact us today to find out more.