Real estate digital kiosks: boosting customer experience

You may be wondering what real estate digital kiosks are and how they could really improve customers’ experiences.

Let’s start from the beginning. A real estate digital kiosk is a platform that enables customers to discover their options through a fascinating interactive experience.

Audiences today do not only want their content to be personalised – they expect it to be. In fact, according to a report from SmarterHQ, 72 per cent of all consumers will only engage with any marketing message if it is personalised to them.

All in all, real estate digital kiosks are not only flexible but also visually pleasing and engaging, as well as always available and suitable for all kinds of customers.

Effective communication

Communication is one of the most important tools required in order to exceed customers’ expectations.

The fact that clients are able to access the digital store at all times allows them to explore the wide range of offers to display all their options.

They will also have the most up-to-date catalogue with detailed information of the property, as well as photos and videos.

The customer here becomes not just a passive watcher, but instead they are able to engage with the content.

The process becomes a two-way communication process between the estate agent and the customer, an essential feature in the real estate world. 

Beautifully displayed

Presentation is always important when it comes to offering a rich and engaging experience. It’s not just about providing an easy to navigate system for customers, but also an aesthetically-pleasing platform.

Real estate digital kiosks offer those two options, as they can be visually appealing with beautiful pictures that sell emotions, and films and videos which are even more beautiful and sharp.

At the same time, the customer can look at all their options through a touchscreen with a clear menu of offers.

This best possible visualisation of the properties is key to boost customers’ satisfaction. 

A unique experience

Every customer is unique. Every one of them will have their own needs, wishes and lifestyle.

But one thing they will have in common is their expectation to be given a personalised experience based on those aforementioned needs, wishes and lifestyle.

Real estate digital kiosks offer an always-available service whether night or day, where customers also become an active part of the process.

Most importantly, clients will not feel any pressure when looking around as they can freely navigate the offers, go back to those offers they had already viewed, or download them to have more decision-making time.

More than just a tool

In order to boost customers’ experiences, the most important thing is to know what they are looking for.

Reporting tools allow you to find out what are the most searched categories and most searched offers, hence readjusting the real estate digital kiosk to the needs of these customers. 

Digital kiosk displays are now commonly being utilised across a wide range of industries to optimise the customer experience.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small agency or a big real estate franchisee, real estate digital kiosks fully compiles all of your needs, as well as your customers’.

If you’re interested in a digital kiosk, get in touch with us today, we’d be happy to help.