1U LCD, LED, Touch Screen Console Drawer

The Rack Mount 1U Console Drawer can save space, power and money. At only 1U (4.4cm) it fits conveniently into the rack space. It is the best choice for ASP, ISP, telecommunication companies, and testing rooms.

Applications – Kiosks, Information Kiosks, Internet Kiosks, Museum LCDs, Simulation LCDs, Touchscreen Applications, Touch Screen Solutions, Rugged LCDs, IP65 LCD’s, Ticketing LCDs, Internet LCD, Selfservice LCD Solutions, Customer Navigation Touchscreen LCDs, Winmate

  • 15″ 1U Console Drawer LDS210D-1P LCD

    Screen Size : 15″ Display Resolution (pixel) : 1024×768 Contrast Ratio : 500:1 (typ.) Brightness (CD/m^2) : 250 (typ.) Specification Model Name=LDS210D-1P Screen Size=15″ Active Display Area (mm)=304.1 (H) x
  • 17″ 1U Console Drawer LDS310D-1P LCD

    Screen Size : 17″ Display Resolution (pixel) : 1280×1024 Contrast Ratio : 500:1 (typ.) Brightness (CD/m^2) : 300 (typ.) Specification Model Name=LDS310D-1P Screen Size=17″ Active Display Area (mm)=337.92 (H) x
  • 19″ 1U Console Drawer LDS410D-1PLCD

    Screen Size : 19″ Display Resolution (pixel) : 1280×1024 Contrast Ratio : 1300:1 (typ.) Brightness (CD/m^2) : 300 (typ.) Specification Model Name=LDS410D-1P Screen Size=19″ Active Display Area (mm)=376.32 (H) x