Screens have been used for many years now to interact with customers, visitors and more in order to convey specific messages, relay information and allowing access to the internet.

  • Growing selection of styles and mounting types
  • Reliable products
  • Offer IP65 rated screens, ideal for use in harsh, wet and dusty environments
  • Range of integrated touch screen technologies
  • Open Frame LCD, LED and Touch Screens

    The Winmate Open Frame LCDs and touchscreens come with an extremely versatile open-frame chassis that can be used for special mounting applications. A full range of Touchscreen technologies are available,
  • Open Frame LCD + Front Bezel

    Like the Panel Mount LCD, the Winmate Open Frame LCD + Front Bezel offers a flush mounting solution. In this case a 5mm Aluminium Front Bezel is supplied that can
  • Chassis LCD, LED and Touch Screens

    The Winmate Chassis LCD, LED and touch screen solutions comes housed in a sleek metal housing, giving it a custom designed look. The LCDs are robust and stylish. A perfect
  • Panel Mount LCD, LED and Touch Screens

    Winmate Panel Mount LCD, LED and touchscreens are used where there is a space consideration and/or a flush mounting LCD or LED solution is required. The panel mount LCD or
  • IP65 LCD, LED and Touch Screens

    The Winmate panel mount LCD, LED and touch screen solution is designed to be tough and rugged. These displays are IP65-rated from the front and are ideal for use in
  • Full IP65 LCD, LED and Touch Screens

    The Winmate full IP65 LCD, LED touchscreen monitor provides full IP65 protection including connectors, cables and Touch options. It brings more interaction to your outdoor application. Applications – Kiosks, Information
  • Stainless LCD, LED, Touch Screens

    Winmate Stainless LCD, LED and Touchscreen features an ultra-compact, corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel front bezel. It provides the whole system an extra robust structure for severe environment with no need of
  • Rack Mount LCD, LED and Touch Screens

    The Winmate Rack Mount LCD, LED is a flat panel display and/or Touchscreen specifically designed for securing firmly onto racks. It forms the ideal solution for server racks, cabinets, room
  • Rear Mount LCD, LED, Touch Screens

    The Winmate Rear Mount LCD, LED and Touchscreens are a flat panel display mounted and secured from the back using side-mounted brackets. These mounting ears are detachable, giving the added
  • 1U LCD, LED, Touch Screen Console Drawer

    The Rack Mount 1U Console Drawer can save space, power and money. At only 1U (4.4cm) it fits conveniently into the rack space. It is the best choice for ASP,
  • Flat Chassis LCD, LED and Touch Screens

    The Flat Chassis LCD, LED and Touchscreens offer all of the function, and retains the robust nature of the Chassis LCD, LED, whilst giving the user a slim profile monitor
  • Sunlight Readable LCD, LED, Touch Screens

    Acante can provide a large range of Winmate Sunlight Readable LCD, utilising the latest in innovative Transflectivetechnology. Transflection is a patent pending innovation, which equips TFT LCD with a reflective
  • Touchscreen Technology

    Touchscreens are available in a wide variety of product families, sizes, shapes, and surface treatments to accommodate virtually any application and environment. Click here to find out more about the
  • Wide-Range Temperature LCD Touch Screen

    Winmate Wide Temperature LCD - In the wake of increasing demand for LCD and Touchscreens that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, and robust enough to cope with