Queue management solutions: How they can keep customers happy

There is a large demand for queue management solutions, especially when queue wait times are long.

Many companies therefore have to find new ways to utilise technology-based tools and self-service solutions.

Digital signage is one of the most popular options on the market today for queue management.

It is versatile and is available in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. This means you can find or even create the perfect digital sign for your business.

Standing in a queue is a mundane experience for many. Therefore using digital signage to help entertain people standing in-line can have many benefits for customer experience and satisfaction.

In this blog we’ll run through how digital signage can help your business.

Improve customer experience

Many services nowadays can be accessed online, and many products bought from your company from the comfort of their own homes. However the older generation is not always quite so tech-savvy and may not realise that these options exist. 

Digital signs can be available near hotspots for queueing, such as banks, to inform customers that their bank transfer could actually be completed online. 

As such, the customer may decide to not stand in a long queue and may access the service at home instead.

This reduces the queue for those who prefer to be served face-to-face.

Bridge language gaps

Businesses can use multilingual applications for their digital screens to display information, especially in places where people are likely to speak multiple languages.

This may be particularly important in locations such as airports, which are likely to welcome a very wide range of nationalities. 

Reduce perceived wait time

It’s fair to say that no one likes to be standing in a queue for a prolonged period. The longer the queuing time, the more likely the person is to feel frustrated. 

Digital signs can be used to display a person’s position in a queue and allow them to see how fast the queue is progressing. 

Entertain customers

Digital signs are also a great tool for entertaining customers. 

For example, you could show videos, images or ad campaigns on your screens and this can improve the customer’s queuing experience and make it seem less arduous to them.

Market your products

Digital signs also have the potential to be a great marketing tool. A vibrant and engaging digital sign can capture the attention of wondering eyes.

Take advantage of the customer’s idleness by displaying content that will help create brand awareness. For example, promoting a new special offer or product.  

Queue management solutions: a summary

When it comes to queue management solutions, digital signage is an excellent option. 

Digital signs are incredibly versatile and are a powerful tool for not only managing customer experience whilst queuing, but also providing a great opportunity for brand promotion. 

Are you unsure on how your business can best use digital signage, or looking to get started right away? Get in touch with Acante, we’d be happy to help.