Prison Kiosks

Acante’s Tank S2 kiosk has been specifically designed for high security environments. The Tank S2 model is not only robust and secure, but highly versatile, available as either wall mount or floor mount. Designed to be low maintenance, the kiosk displays enhanced durability – the touch screen is resistant to attack, flames, water; there are no USB, cables or power cables exposed and is easy to maintain through smart quick access. The extra toughened glass shatters into small pieces on breaking, as the manufacturing test demonstrates. Further to this, the Tank S2 hosts a multitude of peripherals including printers, card readers, camera and biometric solutions making it easily adaptable to fulfil wide range of requirements. The newest edition is that the Tank S2 has wireless hotspot option which provides extended wi fi coverage into prison wings if required.


  • Stylish and robust design
  • Low maintenance and improved accessibility
  • Privacy
  • High quality biometrics
  • Camera option for video-visits
  • Wireless hotspot option
  • Secure: Windows 10
  • Customisable


  • Secure environment
  • Public Sector
  • Education
  • Healthcare