Creating the Perfect Digital Menu Board


Digital menu boards are cropping up all over the place these days, and they are more popular than ever. But you don’t have to run a big restaurant to take advantage of the benefits of a digital menu board.

These days, even the smallest restaurants can take advantage of providing their customers with a digital menu. But how should you get the most from yours? Here are some factors to consider when creating the perfect digital menu board.

Benefits of a Digital Menu Board

First of all, why should you bother with a digital menu board in the first place? There are a number of benefits to consider:

  • Update your content whenever you need to
  • Capture the attention of your customers
  • Highlight your promotions more effectively
  • Save money printing out new menus

 If the benefits look good to you, then how can you create your own digital menu board?

How to Create Your Digital Menu Board

There are a few options to consider when creating a digital menu. The first option is to simply go the DIY route.

This involves getting a large screen in a prominent place in your restaurant and then simply using PowerPoint or something similar to create your menu.

You can do this by creating a simple slideshow and then presenting it on your TV screen so that everyone can see it.

However, while this may be the cheapest option, it may not be the most suitable for your restaurant. Creating your own slideshow can be time-consuming, and you may find that making changes to your menu becomes a hassle.

Instead, you could install a dedicated screen that is ideal for digital menus by getting one from a trusted supplier. Then you could choose to use professional digital menu board software.

This is much easier to use and presents a more professional end result. When people are ordering food, they don’t want to be presented with something that does not look professional. You will also be able to reduce the risk of technical problems occurring right at the wrong moment, which could have an impact on your sales.

Then all you need to do is ensure your menu is presented clearly and looks as enticing as possible. Use professional photos and ensure the prices are easy to see so that your customers can quickly make their decisions.

Consider Self-Service Kiosks

If you are providing your customers with a digital menu, you may want to consider installing self-service kiosks too. This can help to speed up the ordering process and reduce the queueing time at your restaurant.

You may even find that people make more orders on a touchscreen, which is something that has been reported in restaurants that use touchscreen displays.

Bring Your Menu to Life

A digital menu board can have a big impact on your sales and make your restaurant more enticing for customers. Always use high-quality digital screens to present your menu, and consider the benefits of professional digital menu software when creating yours.

That way, you can ensure better customer satisfaction and it may lead to more sales for your restaurant.

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