In these times of tough budgets when the expense of new projects cannot be justified, it is often necessary to invest in maintaining and upgrading the existing hardware to continue running with the original software. More often than not, the existing hardware in these systems has long become obsolete, and cannot easily be replaced, this is where we come in. We at Acante specialise in providing unique solutions that offer the client the ability to extend the service life of their existing equipment at a fraction of the cost of a complete system overhaul. From providing LCDs to replace CRTs running on legacy video standards, to providing alternative media storage that can be faster and more reliable. ie. Using newer, current devices that connect and operate just like the device being replaced.

The complete overhaul of the railway signalling system has been deferred many times in the past few years as being too expensive. This has resulted in having to extend the service life of the existing system. . These designs date back to the early 1970s and the original manufacturers have long since ceased to provide support for those products. We provide one of the many maintenance services in that we repair and manufacture a lot of the circuit boards and card frames that are needed within the system.