Newark Interactive Kiosks: How One City Is Providing Internet to the Masses

Touchscreen kiosks have many benefits, and new uses are found for them every day. But while we often think of kiosks being used in shops or restaurants, they can also be used for many other purposes – as the recent Newark interactive kiosks programme shows.

Free Internet for All in Newark

It was recently reported that a new programme in Newark, New Jersey, is providing free WiFi across the city via a number of internet kiosks positioned in public places.

The programme, called LinkNWK, will be present throughout the city. It is not the first of its kind in the world, with similar systems being set up in other cities like New York. But its presence in Newark shows just how popular such programmes are becoming.

How It Will Work

The Newark interactive kiosks programme, which is currently being rolled out, will consist of dozens of kiosks being installed across the city along with free charging stations for smartphones and other gadgets.

The internet kiosks will be installed in parks, streets and in some buildings, and they will all provide free internet access to the over 280,000 residents of the city. They will run on the Newark Fiber system, which provides high-speed internet between 1GB and 10G.

There will also be an app that residents can download to their phones – the Link WiFi App – that will include a map showing the nearest hotspots to get connected.

What Are the Newark Interactive Kiosks For?

The kiosks programme is being launched to provide residents and visitors alike with free internet access. But rather than just providing WiFi hubs that people can connect to via their phones, the interactive kiosks themselves will have many purposes.

People will be able to use the internet kiosks to get information about Newark including cultural events and arts programs. The kiosks will also provide information on news, weather, and even the emergency services. They will also be used to announce upcoming events to spread awareness.

Who Is Paying for Them?

If Newark residents are worried that their taxes are paying for the programme, they can relax. Instead, all the funding for the Newark interactive kiosks is coming from native advertising. Companies will use the internet kiosks to display their advertising, and the money raised from this should cover the deployment and operational costs of the kiosks.

Interactive Kiosks Are Changing Our Lives

The Newark interactive kiosks are a great example of the power of interactive kiosks to change lives. More and more, touchscreen kiosks are becoming a common sight in shops, restaurants, and in this case cities. They provide a wealth of services and make life more convenient in many ways.

Newark is one of the first cities to set up a network of internet kiosks like this. But if the scheme proves to be a success, it will certainly not be the last.

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