Multi-touch Kiosks

Acante have solidified their place at the forefront of the interactive touch screen marketplace with the integration of intelligent Multi-touch technology, upgrading their existing 32″ kiosk to suit the demands of the i-generation.

Multi-Touch technology has been receiving a huge amount of attention recently with the emergence of Multi-touch phones, MP3 players and interactive tablets, all of which offer the user a unique opportunity to interact with touch screens in a manner that is both innovative and intuitive. Incorporated into a Kiosk solution, this technology can be utilised as a means to take the customer experience to the next level.

Multi-touch technology allows one or more users to use multiple finger touches simultaneously. When compared to current touch screen technology which only allows one touch at a time, multi-touch is a revelation and opens up a whole world of new applications and innovate possibilities. Acante have integrated multi-touch technology within its latest 32″ kiosk to provide a true multi-touch ready kiosk with the ability to recognise up to 32 touch points. The system operates within Windows 7 and will need application specific software to make the most of the multi-touch functions available. When considering multi-touch kiosks it is important to ensure that the relevant information is communicated in a way that both educates and develops the audience interest whilst maximising the possibilities of multi-touch technology.

Multi-touch kiosks will ensure that the visitor or consumer experience is maximised, offering a breath of fresh air to existing touch screen installations. It has become apparent through Acante’s experience that multi-touch interactive kiosks can help to provide a more innovative, tactile and enjoyable experience in conjunction with E-learning, retail, way-finding and gaming applications.

The potential for Multi-touch applications is limitless, with particular interest coming from the gaming industry and retail. Why limit kiosk games to an individual player when a group of friends can gather around a large screen and interact simultaneously? Why show your customers a basic image of your product when you can offer them the ability to explore and interact with it via the very latest in touch screen technology? Multi-touch gives you the power to provide a more engrossing user experience whether promoting a product, providing a gaming solution, offering way-finding services or even presenting a virtual tour or point of information.

Multi-touch Kiosk technology allows information to be communicated to visitors via multiple applications whilst combining audio and video playback through interactive kiosk terminals, delivering key information in an exciting, innovative and informative way that is accessible to children and adults alike. Multi-touch kiosks also offer a way of further improving the visitor experience by delivering greater interactive information about a particular exhibit or exhibition. The kiosks could, for example, show textual information about a specific subject, as well as looped videos and changing images to further enhance the visitor understanding of the exhibit, with multi-touch kiosk technology allowing many people to access the information at the same time.

Acante kiosks and interactive touch screen solutions have been used in a diverse range of environments including Museums, Council Offices, Corporate headquarters, retail environments and many others.

In each case differing touch screen solutions and touch screen kiosk terminals were implemented to ensure a best fit solution for the individual environment, whether through the use of floor standing kiosks, wall mounted kiosks or touch screen LCDs and panel PCs.

In order to achieve maximum audience enhancement kiosk solutions need to be wheel chair friendly and usable by both children and adults alike. Acante’s range of interactive kiosks ensure DDA compliance as they are designed to be the right height and angle to allow for access by wheelchair users and children.

Interactive kiosk solutions have already changed the way in which information is delivered to audiences. Multi-touch touch screen technology further enhances this technology allowing new content to be delivered, more users attracted and the customer experience further improved.