Mobile World Congress 2018: What to Expect

Mobile World Congress 2018 is about to begin, which is exciting news for anyone interested in mobile phones and tech.

Mobile World Congress is the largest mobile phone event of the year. It’s held in Barcelona, and it’s the place where the biggest phone manufacturers release their flagship devices for the year ahead. On top of that, there are lots of other exciting innovations released, including smartwatches, wearables, tablets, accessories and even advances in AI.

This year, Mobile World Congress will be held from February 26 to March 1. Here’s a look at what we can expect from this year’s show.

Big mobile phone announcements

We’re expecting the biggest manufacturers to have some exciting announcements at Mobile World Congress this year.

Perhaps the most eagerly awaited smartphone is Samsung’s next flagship, the Galaxy S9. This is likely to be launched the day before Mobile World Congress starts, on February 25, at an invite-only event. We can also expect the Galaxy S9 Plus to be launched alongside it, and probably some more wearables as well.

Motorola is also lining up to release its new range of phones for the year. The company has dominated the budget market for a while now with its Moto G and Moto E line of handsets, as well as its higher-end Moto X model.

Nokia made a big comeback in 2017, and its range of handsets has been hugely popular. Now it’s gearing up to release the Nokia 9, its new flagship, as well as some other handsets, and we can almost certainly expect to see these at Mobile World Congress 2018.

BlackBerry is expected to announce some new phones too. It’s confirmed that it will release two phones during 2018, but we don’t know what these are or when they’re likely to be revealed, so it’s not certain that we’ll see anything at Mobile World Congress.

Other innovations we might see

Google is going to be at Mobile World Congress as well. However, rather than release new phones, the search engine giant is likely to focus on its Google Assistant and maybe even Google Home.

Qualcomm might also come up with a few announcements – perhaps we’ll see the Snapdragon 845 processor show up in the Galaxy S9.

On top of all that, we can expect to see all the latest developments in virtual reality, and this year there’s likely to be more information on 5G mobile internet.

A potential surprise?

There are often a few surprises at Mobile World Congress, and this year what people want to see more than anything else is the arrival of a bendy phone – and Samsung might just have it!

There are strong rumours that Samsung is going to release its foldable phone this year, potentially called the Samsung Galaxy X, and Mobile World Congress would be the perfect place to reveal it.

Flexible phones have long been on the horizon – so could this be the year they become commercially viable?

Keep an eye out for news from Mobile World Congress

While these are some of the things we’re expecting or hoping to see at this year’s Mobile World Congress, no one really knows what’s going to show up. So if you love phones, tech and new touchscreen technology, keep an eye out for news at this year’s event.