Mobile Top Up Solutions

Kiosk Software

  • Releases store staff
  • Increase store footfall
  • Reduce inventory
  • Unmanned access point
  • Additional revenue stream
  • Low operational cost
  • Optimised user interface

Kiosk Software Solutions

When looking at a kiosk solution consideration needs to be given to the kiosk software application that will run on the kiosk. Ensuring a good combination of suitable kiosk and usable kiosk software will go a long way to making the kiosk solution usable and enjoyable for as many audiences as possible.

Kiosk software, in most cases, needs to be tailored to each kiosk solution. Whilst there are a number of “off the shelf” solutions available on the market today, it is vital that time is spent understanding what the kiosk is designed to do, what it is intended to offer the customer and how the kiosk will communicate with any back office software. Acante have worked with a number of specialist companies over the years all of which have differing skills and specialties in relation to kiosk software and kiosk software applications.

Software considerations

Do I need a Secure Web Browser Solution?
This type of software locks down the PC and secures any public access Windows PC, kiosk, terminal and self-service station. Secure browser software restricts user access to the operating system, the desktop, programs and folders based on your settings. You can also limit Internet access to certain web sites or activate the content filter to block objectionable or illegal websites. Some software comes with different browser skins, virtual keyboards for touch screens and payment functionality.

Will I need User Access & System Security Management Software?
Used to secure computers as soon as it boots up against any user manipulation and ensures a maintenance-free operation of your computers 24/7. Some software locks down the computer by creating a secured user account with limited user access rights. Users are prevented from accessing the operating system. You can restrict user access to certain drives, folders, programs and URLs. System-critical keyboard combinations are blocked and a software watchdog monitors your computers.

Should I have customizable browsers, start pages and virtual keyboard skins?
Some software can be integrated into the kiosk browser and is capable of displaying content such as Web pages, images (.gif, .jpg, .png, and .bmp), videos, Flash and PDF files, etc. Often software comes with a variety of different browser skins, start pages and virtual keyboards which are customizable. You can add and delete buttons, disable the URL address bar and the task bar and restrict internet access to certain internet addresses (URLs).

Do I want Integrated Billing Functionality & Internet Content Filter Solutions?
Consider the option of charging customers for using your kiosks and for surfing the internet. The software can support different credit card gateways and payment devices such as credit card readers and cash acceptors. Many kiosk software solutions provide an integrated Internet content filter that enables you to block unwanted web content such as objectionable and illegal websites. This feature includes automatic updates and can be scaled based on your individual settings

Does the software have support for touch screens, secondary monitors, proximity detectors & other peripheral devices?
Ensure the software solution allows you to utilize many different devices which enhance the functionality of your public PCs and kiosks. An integrated virtual keyboard could support touch screens; different on-screen keyboard skins are available. Some software also supports web cams, certain proximity detectors, secondary monitors and provides for printer monitoring.

Should I look at remote maintenance: Central management and monitoring?
Consider software which allows you to monitor, manage, and configure all your remote kiosks through an account on a server. Other options provide all the features you need to manage your remote machines: Remote desktop/VNC, file transfer, alert system (email/SMS), reporting, log files / log file data filtering, software and hardware inventory, hardware monitoring, screenshot functionality, folder synchronization, map functionality to locate clients (Bing and Google Maps), job functionality (execute scripts, run executable, file upload), editing and download of configuration, auditing / user management, virtual folders for client management, etc.

What about bespoke software?
Where all else fails with off the shelf software then it is worth considering a bespoke kiosk software solution. Some solutions are built from scratch to customer specific requirements and combine all the features and specifications deemed necessary for a unique solution. Another option is to take and existing off the shelf piece of software and look at adapt to your specific needs.

Acante have worked with a number of specialist companies over the years all of which have differing skills and specialties in relation to kiosk software and kiosk software applications.