Millennial Shoppers: How to Target the Younger Buyer

If you want to sell to millennial shoppers, you’ll have to make an effort to target them. Millennials have different shopping habits to older generations, and you won’t want to miss out on the huge opportunities they present for your business.

So what do you need to do in order to make sure they’re attracted to your store, both online and offline?

Make sure you have a mobile-friendly website

Millennials are far happier to shop on mobile devices than older shoppers. In fact, they demand it. 63% of millennials shop daily on their mobiles, and they’re more likely to spend money on your site if you provide them with an excellent experience.

That starts with a responsive website that works well on any device. Design the whole experience around mobile. Don’t neglect the desktop version of your site, but make sure you start with mobile.

A great shopping experience on a mobile site that’s easy to use, navigate and purchase from will make it much easier for millennials to fall in love with your brand and spend their money on your products.

Provide a memorable experience

Millennial shoppers want a great experience across channels, whether on mobile, desktop or in-store. 86% of millennials actually use their mobiles in-store as part of the shopping experience, and the two are very much connected.

Younger millennials especially are more likely to shop in a store. To give them what they want, focus on making the buying experience more personal, more engaging and different from other stores. You could even create an app that can be used in your store.

One way you could bring the mobile experience into your store is by introducing mobile payments.

The role of kiosks in your store

Self-service kiosks can play a large role in the retail experience for millennial shoppers. For millennials who want a good in-store experience and like using their phones, kiosks are ideal.

In fact, 20% of millennials would prefer not to interact with cashiers at the checkout. Instead they want to order using kiosks and pay with their contactless cards or mobile phones.

Essentially, millennial shoppers want to use technology to simplify their lives, and self-service kiosks provide them with faster ordering and faster service.

In addition, screens provide a great way to improve the experience in your store. You could use kiosks for branding, to personalise your interactions with customers or to bolster your marketing campaigns.

Give millennial shoppers what they want

Millennial shoppers love mobiles and amazing in-store experiences. They want to be wowed, and they want the experience of shopping in your store, whether online or offline, to be easy. If you want to get a slice of the action, give millennial shoppers what they want and win more business.

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