How to do market research using digital kiosks: a guide

The use of digital kiosks is increasingly seen as one of the most effective ways to carry out market research. 

We live in the age of the review and businesses will work hard to get your feedback.

Whether it is a bombardment of follow-up emails landing after the latest lockdown online-shopping spree, or a guilt-ridden pile up of Uber and Deliveroo notifications, businesses want to hear from you.

Why? Effective market research is crucial for better understanding your customers’ motivations and needs.

It can provide valuable data on products and services and evidence of successful revenue streams.

Being able to capture and analyse this data is vital to business success.

In a world where a customer’s time is a valuable commodity, digital kiosks prove a powerful data capture tool – with advantages over some of the more established research methods.

Read our guide on how to do market research using digital kiosks for more.

Digital kiosks offer a convenient data collection solution

Whether it is a follow-up phone call, an app notification, or a marketing email with a survey link, there are a variety of ways in which businesses carry out market research.

However, there are factors that limit the effectiveness of these methods. 

Marketing phone calls aren’t something all customers are prepared to make time for, while last year the average opening rate for marketing emails was around the 20% mark.

App notifications are easily ignored or switched off. Even if a customer does engage, it may not be till significantly after their experience of a business and therefore their feedback becomes diluted.

A physical, in-store touchpoint is preferable to the above. 

Customers who are less internet savvy may find survey links embedded in emails hard to navigate, while it is well-known that user journeys requiring multiple clicks see drop-offs.

With a digital kiosk for market research there is no delay in getting a customer’s feedback. They are reporting to you live on how their experience is. 

Digital kiosks seamlessly merge the online and offline

Digital kiosks engage the customer while they are instore. Responses reflect their feelings and experiences as they happen – an invaluable resource for any marketer or business owner.

The physical nature of a digital kiosk has benefits. For example, if an offer is redeemed through email input, customers can choose to use it immediately, increasing their spend and boosting revenues.

However, digital kiosks must integrate with all other customer-facing channels. Where possible, they should leverage existing data to provide a personalised user experience e.g. through the swipe of a loyalty card or profile log-in.

At Acante, we can offer a range of solutions to allow for this. We can also ensure that the data you collect connects to powerful data analysis tools to ensure you gain the most benefit from each customer engagement.

How to do market research using digital kiosks

There are numerous situations in which digital kiosks are effective for data collection. Surveys for customers or patients can allow you to fine tune customer service.

They might be as simple for users as two questions: one detailing their waiting time and another rating their experience.

Digital kiosks are versatile: We’ve seen them used for impactful staff surveys, to gauge passer-by and public sentiment as well as to efficiently capture leads. 

Make this channel part of your data strategy.

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