Lower Education

As the education sector continues to implement systems such as information points, MiFare and finger-print readers, and stand-alone print systems, Acante have developed an intelligent range of Kiosks and Touch Screens that suit both the environment and the requirements of the schools, colleges and universities.

Kiosk Applications

  • touchscreen kiosk software

    Touchscreen Kiosk Software: What Should You Pick?

    At Acante, we manufacture industry-leading touchscreen kiosks. But while the hardware is crucial, touchscreen kiosk software also has a huge role to play in the overall user experience. Even the…
  • Touch Screen LCD

    LCD, LED and touch screen solutions Touch screen LCD have been used for many years to interact with customers and visitors in order to convey specific messages, relay information and…
  • Information Kiosks

    Information Kiosks are used in various industries, particularly those that deal with direct customer contact.¬†These kiosks are able to provide information in an array¬†of ways from providing information on exhibits…


Here are some of the kiosk software applications that also can apply here.
  • Site Kiosk Software

    Kiosk Software Secure Webrowser Integrated Skins Touch compatible Virtual keyboard Payment options Content Filtering Site Cafe Option Kiosk Software Solutions When looking at a kiosk solution consideration needs to be…
  • Internet Now Solutions

    Kiosk Software Surf the web Collect and send e-mails Send video mails Play games online Bill payments Customised look Display advertising Kiosk Software Solutions When looking at a kiosk solution…
  • Visitor Reception Solutions

    Kiosk Software Staff information / details Local and other site maps Building floor plans Link to your website Run adverts Corporate messages Link to traffic news Link to weather Kiosk…

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