Restaurant in London Goes All-In on Self-Service Kiosks

A chicken restaurant in London has made the move to only use kiosks and apps in its restaurant so that no employees are being used to take orders from customers. The southern-style chicken restaurant is adapting to the new way of ordering by providing customers what it believes they want, which is completely automated ordering. So is this the future of the fast-food industry? Here we look at the details.


The Chiktopia Restaurant Experience


Chiktopia is a fast-food chicken restaurant located at Intu Lakeside in London. It launched in July 2019, and it has recently made headlines by providing its customers with the option to order their food using kiosks or apps – and nothing else.


While customers are becoming increasingly used to ordering their food via kiosks, there are usually employees available to take orders as well. Chiktopia has changed this, and there are no counters at all in the restaurant.


Chiktopia says that this improves the user experience for customers by allowing them to use the latest technology to order their food to increase convenience and cut down on waiting times.


The Evolution of Ordering


The restaurant is run by Alastair Gordon, who has been involved in Jamie’s Italian and Ole & Steen, as reported here. Chiktopia is a 120-cover restaurant and its implementation of the new ordering system means it is more advanced than in some of the biggest fast-food names in the business like McDonald’s. It is a true counterless restaurant.


Customisable Menu


The menu at Chiktopia contains chicken, burgers, fries and salads, and the software on the kiosks has been specially tailored for this menu. The software is optimised to handle its meal deal ordering, and it can be used to upsell other products on the menu.


Customers can customise everything using the kiosks, including drinks, portion sizes and even sauces. This way, it is providing a completely customisable ordering experience, 


The kiosks provide a fast and smooth customer journey, as well as scalability for the company’s expansion. The self-ordering system also offers the option of paying in cash.


Kitchen Management System


The system also includes a kitchen management system with multiple screens and bump bars to help manage the food and order packaging. It also manages the control point to ensure that, once they have made their orders, customers can pick up their food quickly.


Benefits for Staff


While leading to a quicker and simpler ordering system for clients, the system also provides benefits for the staff. Now, instead of having to take orders, employees in the restaurant can focus on food preparation and table service.


The Future of Food Ordering


Could this be the future of the food industry? It could well be, at least for fast food. The truth is that customers want faster and more convenient ways to make their orders in fast-food restaurants. We have seen the big chains introduce self-ordering screens, which have proven to be a big hit, and they have several benefits for the restaurants, including easier upsells that encourage people to make larger orders.


By taking away the counters completely, Chiktopia is the natural evolution of the ordering process. As such, we can expect to see many more fast-food restaurants following its lead in the coming years.