London Eye – Ticketing Kiosks

Ticketing Kiosks – London Eye use kiosk technology to deliver pre-ordered tickets to the public

We worked with the London Eye and BT Syntegra Ticketing Systems to identify a high quality, robust kiosk solution to deliver pre-ordered tickets. The system allows customers to book their tickets in advance and online using either a credit or debit card and then collect their tickets within the ticket building at the London Eye thus avoiding lengthy queues at busy times.

We supplied our highly versatile and robust Transactional kiosk, which can deliver a range of self-service transaction solutions.

With a footprint of just 0.25 metres squared, the kiosk was ideal for busy public environments where floor space was limited. Designed and manufactured in-house from high-grade stainless steel, we were able to supply a customised kiosk solution for the London Eye. The kiosks were designed to be wheelchair friendly and DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant

These kiosks allowed the London Eye to:
– Improve accessibility
– Minimise queue lengths
– Offer multi-functional facilities
– Modernise their operating environment

The London Eye were looking for a robust transactional kiosk solution to improve accessibility, minimise queue lengths and modernise the current operating environment. We provided the ideal machines for their requirements.