With most major leisure and entertainment chains now looking to implement interactive touch screen technology. Acante’s range of touch screen and kiosk solutions include a wide range of transactional peripherals.

Kiosk Applications

  • Museum Kiosks

    Museum Kiosks - Museums need to ensure that they convey information to their audience as accurately and efficiently as possible. The information also needs to be communicated in a way that both educates and develops the audience's interest. Over many…
  • Airport Kiosks

    Airport Kiosks - Information Kiosks and the demands for interactivity within airports and the requirements for access to more and more services online have resulted in the use of airport kiosks to deliver interactive touch screen information services via kiosk…

Case Studies

  • The National Trust Kiosks

    The National Trust uses touchscreen and kiosk technology to deliver virtual tours in their properties The National Trust has been working on a project to develop a consistent approach to the provision of virtual tours in their properties. The project…
  • The Imperial London Hotels

    Imperial London Hotels use Internet kiosk technology to deliver public access internet requirements to their guests Imperial London Hotels approached Acante looking for good quality, robust kiosks in order to give their guests a full Internet Cafe solution. The kiosks…


Here are some of the kiosk software applications that also can apply here.
  • touchscreen tech

    Touchscreen Tech: Going Beyond Touch

    Touchscreens have advanced considerably over the last few years. Who can forget the almost magical experience of seeing Apple’s iPhone for the first time back in 2007 with its multi-touch gestures? Since then, touchscreens have continued to advance, and at…
  • Internet Now Solutions

    Kiosk Software Surf the web Collect and send e-mails Send video mails Play games online Bill payments Customised look Display advertising Kiosk Software Solutions When looking at a kiosk solution consideration needs to be given to the kiosk software application…

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