How Kiosks and Digital Signage Can Help With Social Distancing

Wondering how kiosks and digital signage can help with social distancing in your business?

On 15th of June, the last of retail shops in the UK were given the green light to reopen. Retail life as we once knew it has significantly changed, with government guidance stating that social distancing is an absolute must.  

Below is a list of ways kiosks and digital signage will help you open up safely, and the benefits of using them in your business.

Social distancing is the new retail normal 

Ever since the UK entered lockdown in mid March, social distancing, (the act of staying a minimum of 2 meters away), has become a new norm of living. You can easily remind your customers to maintain this distance using digital signs on the retail floor, where most of the physical contact would usually happen. 

Using a digital signage graphic that moves will attract customer attention, as their eyes are more likely to be drawn to a colourful, moving image rather than a static sticker or sign.

Seeing social distancing stickers and signs constantly whilst shopping in supermarkets may have desensitised customers to them, and so using digital signage will demand attention, acting as a better reminder of the distancing rules.

Kiosks reduce staff-to-customer interactions

Self service kiosks are multifunctional and can be used to make shopping a safer experience. 

They can achieve this through primarily keeping interactions between customers and staff to an absolute minimum, meaning that shopping habits that would typically require some human contact are now digitised. 

Examples of this include stock browsing, self check in/check out, customer navigation, product information etc. 

As a result, customers can independently manage their own shopping experience, even using contactless card payments to cut out human contact with the cashier. This also limits the clustering of staff in one area.

Staff can be redeployed to focus on customer safety

With kiosks and digital signage doing the routine jobs that an average customer service assistant would usually do, remaining staff can put their whole focus on safety. 

What this looks like for each store is different, but as queuing to get into stores is now more common, staff can be used to manage the socially distanced queue outside. 

Remaining staff on the shop floor can also monitor social distancing and enforce the messages on your digital signage.  

Restoring consumer confidence

An unfortunate side effect of this pandemic is the fear it has invoked amongst people. Despite shopping restrictions being lifted, retail footfall was still 54% lower than this time last year

People appear to be afraid to resume daily life and go out into the public. 

However, by having digital signage and kiosks to enforce social distancing, you are actively sending a message that your business is tackling the pandemic head on. It will encourage consumers to go out in public confidently if they are certain their safety is being prioritised. 

As an extra tip, keep a bottle of hand sanitiser next to your device so customers can clean their hands before and after using the screen. This will further keep them at ease within the store and show all aspects of consumer safety has been considered. 

Ensure to sanitise all digital screens

If you choose to employ digital screens for social distancing, then it is paramount you keep these clean and germ free. Read here for advice on how to best sanitise your screens. 

Temperature Sensing Kiosks

Temperature checks on entry points can help businesses reduce the likelihood of customers spreading the virus.

Temperature sensing kiosks can detect users’ temperature using a touch-free kiosk.

This will also stop your employees having to do temperature checks – which could put them at risk.

Check out our brochure here to read more about temperature sensing kiosks.

How Kiosks and Digital Signage Can Help With Social Distancing: Conclusion

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