The Future of the Box Office: Kiosk Ticketing Solutions in Cinemas

It has been around for some time now, and it’s safe to say that kiosk ticketing is here to stay. This popular self-service technology has resulted in fewer queues at cinemas, more efficient payments and a better customer experience all round.

Not only that, it’s also resulted in a boost for cinema profits.

At a time when online subscription services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are threatening the number of visitors to cinemas, the boost that kiosk ticketing brings is certainly very welcome news.

In this blog we’ll run through the benefits of kiosk ticketing solutions, looking at how they’re changing the face of the cinema experience.

How customer experience is improved

  • Reserved seating. Cinema-goers who booked previously via kiosk ticketing can turn up secure in the knowledge they will get to watch the film they want. That’s because their seat is already guaranteed. And, they won’t have to wait in a queue either – both of which takes away any stress from a night out.
  • Not missing out. For those who love seeing blockbusters as soon as they are released, Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is a thing of the past. They can simply pop into the cinema when they get the chance and book from a ticketing kiosk instead.
  • No more rushing. Being able to choose to see a film at a time that best suits them means cinema-goers can get more out their night. For instance, they can have a meal beforehand and plan the whole evening’s activities in advance.
  • Reduced queue. Not every cinema customer will feel comfortable booking their film via kiosk ticketing; some will prefer to purchase the old-fashioned way, from a teller at a desk. The good news for them is that the queues will be quicker to negotiate as other cinema-goers do choose to use the kiosk ticketing.

How the cinema benefits

  • When people have to queue for tickets, everyone ends up going for popcorn and drinks at the same time – 10 minutes or so prior to the film starting. That can lead to big queues and others deciding they can’t be bothered to wait. As a result, the cinema misses out on additional revenue from refreshments.
  • Future bookings. Another way in which the cinema benefits is through additional bookings. While booking tickets for a current film, an individual can read snap previews of future films the cinema is showing, then book for those at the same time.
  • Having customers book their own cinema seats via kiosk ticketing results in the need for fewer staff to work at the ticket booth. This saving means increased profits for cinema management – something they can spend on more kiosk ticketing booths!


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