Kiosk Software: 4 Reasons to Consider a Bespoke Solution

The kiosk software your kiosk runs is just as important as the hardware it uses. You’ll choose from either a variety of off-the-shelf software solutions that can fit around broader needs or opt for a bespoke software solution that is built around your operations alone.

Is bespoke kiosk software for everyone? No, but it could hold benefits for your particular business that make it more than worth the investment.

Ease of use

People tend to associate bespoke software with complexity rather than simplicity, but this is a misconception.

While some kiosk software must be made more complex to achieve very niche requirements, one of the main benefits of custom software tends to be that it’s simpler.

Bespoke software only includes the features you need. This reduces the complexity of the system, making it easier for staff, visitors and even you to navigate. Learning times are reduced, and people will feel more at home using your system.

Refined through practice

The way your kiosk presents information impacts the way people use it. If, for example, you use a self-service payment kiosk in your shop, you can upsell by presenting deals.

With bespoke software, you can measure what appeals to your target customers and then adjust the way the software works to match your findings.

You can also take into account the way your users use the system and whether they have any specific needs. You may know that your kiosk is often used by older people, in which case software designed with their needs in mind is going to be a better fit.

Less pressure to upgrade

If you own a smartphone or use a laptop, you’ll probably have noticed that you’re often prompted to update your operating system.

As a general rule, kiosk software demands fewer updates since it is less vulnerable, but it still needs to be updated occasionally.

This can become annoying for the owner, with updates required whenever new features are added or new versions released. The downtime is a disadvantage, and you may find that the screen layout has changed or that your old data is incompatible with the new software.

With bespoke kiosk software, you avoid falling foul of these issues. The software will be wholly yours, so you’ll only need to update it when you want to.

Superior branding

There are plenty more tangible and measurable benefits that come with a kiosk, but businesses ultimately tend to like them mostly for the way they make their business look.

If you have a touchscreen kiosk, it demonstrates that you are dedicated to moving forward with customer service and successful enough to invest in tech solutions.

With bespoke software, you take that one step further. Unique tools and interfaces can help establish your brand voice and set your business apart. For some owners, that alone makes bespoke software worth the investment.

Bespoke kiosk software – is it for you?

We hope our guide has helped you decide whether to invest in a bespoke kiosk software solution. If you’d like to know more about kiosk software, have a look at the applications we offer, or give us a call today – we’re always happy to chat.