IoT Devices: 5 of the Most Useless ‘Smart’ Gadgets

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is becoming ever more pervasive. And although it has the potential to make a lot of tasks easier, quicker and cheaper, there are some recent IoT devices that really didn’t need to be invented.

Whilst some smart devices teeter on the edge of lightly amusing gimmickry, we’ve seen several gadgets that have well and truly crossed that line and lodged themselves firmly in the realms of utterly pointless nonsense.

Here are five useless IoT devices that really don’t need to exist.

Smart water bottle

Drinking when you feel thirsty is so passé. Luckily, the Hidrate Spark smart water bottle tracks your water intake and glows to remind you to drink so you can ‘meet your daily hydration goal’, which you set via an app.

If that seems needlessly pushy, don’t worry – it also glows to remind you to celebrate when you’ve met your goal.

Smart salt shaker

Have you been struggling with the effort of lifting your salt shaker and sprinkling salt onto your food with your hands? Well, you can put that barbaric practice behind you, for SMALT (smart salt, geddit?) have come to the rescue with ‘the world’s first interactive centrepiece and smart salt dispenser’.

You can shake, pinch or pour salt via your smartphone with the SMALT app, and then enjoy your perfectly-seasoned food in the soft glow of the SMALT’s colour-changing mood light. As if that wasn’t enough, it even doubles as a speaker. Inspired.

Smart water fountain for cats

If tracking your own water intake with the Hidrate Spark isn’t enough, why not track your cat’s as well? The Pura water fountain monitors the amount your cat drinks and syncs to an app so you can keep tabs on it.

Why exactly you’d want to do that is unclear, but apparently it does also provide a ‘joyful water-drinking experience’ for your cat, so that’s something.

Smart egg tray

We’ve all felt the utter mortification of buying a box of eggs only to arrive home and realise you’ve already got a full egg tray. With the Quirky Egg Minder, that particular domestic tragedy is a thing of the past.

This smart egg tray connects to an app, enabling you to track the number of eggs you have from anywhere in the world. It also tells you which of your eggs is the oldest, so you know which one to use next. Consuming eggs just got so much easier!

Smart kettle

The Smarter iKettle earned its place on our list of useless IoT devices thanks to the fact that it adds almost nothing to the traditional kettle. You can remote boil it from anywhere via an app – although why you’d want to boil a kettle when you weren’t anywhere near it is beyond us.  

Useless IoT devices are taking over…

If the recent slew of pointless IoT devices is anything to go by, we reckon there will be plenty more where this lot came from.

Still, even though they aren’t in any way useful, they are at least amusing. We can’t wait to see what surfaces next…