Interactive Kiosks in Retail: Tips for Business Success

Interactive kiosks in retail are transforming how businesses connect with their customers. 

Retail businesses can now promote loyalty schemes, display a range of goods tailored to each customer and streamline the payment process.

Interactive kiosks not only increase ROI for businesses but also improve the customer experience. This in turn helps to create brand loyalty and increase sales.

Here are our tips for implementing interactive kiosks in retail:

Advertise your products

Interactive kiosks provide a prime opportunity to advertise your products to customers.

They give businesses a platform to showcase engaging content in multiple formats including video, audio, text and image.

Appealing content displayed on interactive kiosks will help you convey your message and build brand awareness quickly and easily.

Improve customer loyalty

Targeted promotions displayed on retail kiosks can help create customer loyalty.

By offering money-off vouchers, loyalty points or other rewards, you can make frequent customers feel valued and encourage less regular customers to return.

Self-service orders

Customers can place orders via self-service kiosks if certain items are out of stock.

As well as providing an easy-to-use interface for the customer to place the order through, this will free up staff so employees can dedicate more time elsewhere.

Easy browsing

Interactive kiosks allow customers to browse stock easily and efficiently. Instead of having to trawl the shelves, customers can search for specific items at the touch of a button.

You may even want to make it possible for customers to purchase items directly from the kiosk.

This also enables businesses to automate the inventory process, improving stock efficiency and reducing costs.


Large retail stores can be difficult to navigate, and there isn’t always a sales assistant on hand to help.

Wayfinding kiosks are a great way to help customers find what they’re looking for, and can even encourage customers to explore new parts of the store.

Make payment simple

Interactive kiosks in retail provide a quick and easy checkout process.

Self-service payment kiosks improve the customer experience by reducing checkout waiting times, and enabling sales assistants to help customers with the sales process.

Conduct surveys

Interactive kiosks can help businesses gather information about their customers. Encouraging customers to complete a survey will give you insight into how they shop and engage with your brand.

You can leverage this information to drive sales, improve the retail experience and create more targeted content.

Interactive kiosks in retail: a summary

Interactive kiosks are a great way to improve the customer experience, increase revenue and build customer loyalty.

If you’d like to know more about how interactive kiosks can help your retail business, get in touch with us today.