Interactive Kiosks for Charities: Top 5 Benefits

Interactive kiosks are becoming more and more popular in commercial settings like retail, hospitality and banking.

The same factors that make them effective in these environments also mean they get great results in not-for-profit settings.

Here are the top five benefits of interactive kiosks for charities:

Make donations easier

Most people are used to paying for things electronically nowadays. Few people carry or use cheque books, and many people don’t carry cash.

Having a fundraising kiosk at your charitable event or at your organisation’s premises eliminates this problem and gives people a quick and easy way to donate.

The easier it is for people to donate, the more likely they are to do it.

Increase donation amounts

In commercial settings, kiosks benefit businesses by easily enabling them to cross-sell and upsell.

Fundraising kiosks can also take advantage of this benefit. You can influence the amount patrons give by offering a range of suggested donations.

For example, let’s say you run an annual charity ball and the average donation per attendee last year was £15. This year you’re aiming to increase the average donation to £20.

If you had a fundraising kiosk at the event, you could offer donation buttons for £20, £30, £50 and ‘other amount’.

Humans are social animals, and we often take our cues from other people when it comes to making decisions. Suggested donations take advantage of this trait, telling us how much is an appropriate amount to donate.

Research has shown that suggested giving levels result in increased average donation amounts – so investing in an interactive kiosk could give your fundraising efforts a big boost.

Streamline charitable events

If your organisation runs big events with lots of attendees, it may be worth investing in a check-in kiosk.

Events like fun runs and conferences can be hectic, and automating the check-in process can help to streamline them. It will also free up staff and volunteers and allow them to dedicate themselves elsewhere.

Your check-in kiosk could also provide wayfinding services so that attendees know where to go after checking in.

Again, the check-in kiosk could offer an option to make a donation, thereby contributing to your fundraising efforts.

Tell your story

People are more likely to give to a charity if they’re familiar with its aims and the story behind it.

Interactive kiosks provide charities with an opportunity to tell their stories and engage with potential donors.

Producing high-quality, targeted content for your fundraising kiosk will help persuade people to donate, as well as communicating the aims of your organisation.

Save time and money

Interactive kiosks for charities can serve a multitude of purposes. As well as accepting donations, they can be used for membership services, logistics, HR management, merchandising and more.

Using an interactive kiosk to handle these tasks will save staff hours, which will in turn save money for your organisation. It will also allow staff to concentrate on furthering the aims of the organisation in other ways.

Interactive kiosks for charities: in summary

Interactive kiosks can have huge benefits for the not-for-profit sector. By making it easier to donate, they can increase the number of donations as well as the average donation amount.

Their ability to help organisations connect with their audiences can be invaluable in building awareness around campaigns and helping charities achieve their missions.

If you’d like to know more about interactive kiosks for charities, get in touch with us today.