The advantages of interactive health kiosks in the workplace

Considering the benefits of interactive health kiosks in the workplace?

Monitoring workplace health and wellbeing is a priority that has often been overlooked due to organisational complications that can arise from trying to initiate any kind of monitoring programme.

It can be difficult to build an environment in which employees feel willing to share personal information and trust that it will be treated confidentially, especially if they would need to share this information with somebody that they regularly work alongside.

Interactive health kiosks provide a way to encourage employees to keep on top of their health and wellbeing at work while avoiding the potential awkwardness or fears they may have about sharing with colleagues.

Privacy of interactive health kiosks

While general statistics about the health of the workforce can be collated by the kiosks, each employee’s information will be confidential to them.

This means that an employee can take advantage of the full range of diagnostic tools offered by an interactive health kiosk with confidence, and in the knowledge that they will be able to have full access to their own records and any changes to their health through a personal online account.

As employers, you can gain a better picture of the health and wellbeing of your workforce through the anonymous yet comprehensive data that these kiosks can collect.

What do the kiosks measure?

The non-invasive health screening facilities provided by the kiosks capture height, weight, body mass index, body fat content, blood pressure and heart rate.

They can also be linked with wellbeing tracking systems that allow the user to input their mood and other relevant information regarding their mental health.

All of these aspects assist employees in understanding their health more fully, and track any changes over time which may help them to recognise potential issues and early warning signs.

What happens if issues are highlighted?

When issues are highlighted, the kiosks can be fitted with referral options which will encourage employees to follow steps to access relevant support for them.

This could be through further workplace programmes that you offer, external support providers that you have a relationship with, or with the NHS.

There will sometimes be employees who prefer a face-to-face approach, so they can be reassured that the kiosks will direct them to the right services for them should they need it.

Upkeep of the interactive health kiosk

The installation and upkeep of an interactive health kiosk is incredibly simple, with a plug socket and a suitable space being the only initial requirements.

Though there can be concerns about the management of external electrical goods brought into the workplace, they are able to be serviced remotely due to WiFi connectivity, and can often join 3G or 4G networks if WiFi becomes unavailable.

Interactive health kiosks in the workplace- Conclusion

Once a kiosk has been installed, it can be used as an excellent focal point for health and wellbeing days, raising awareness of their location and encouraging employees to regularly access their wide range of facilities.

Once an aggregated report has been created, you can use this information to more deeply understand the needs of your workforce and encourage good health, wellbeing, and ultimately productivity.

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