Implementing digital kiosks in supermarkets: 5 top tips

Wondering how to effectively use digital kiosks in supermarkets?

Bit by bit, technological advancements are gradually improving every one of our daily chores.

Whether it be cleaning or cooking, working or food shopping, technology is making our day-to-day lives and these mundane tasks infinitely easier. A great example of this is interactive kiosks.

Implementing digital kiosks in supermarkets is becoming an increasingly popular option, as stores look to evolve their offerings and provide their customers with an increasingly efficient and user-friendly service.

In this blog post, we will be providing tech-savvy stores with five top tips to help them utilise digital kiosks in supermarkets. With this advice on hand, you can ensure that the investment brings a huge benefit to your operations.

1. Use the digital kiosks to improve your specialist food stations

You can use digital kiosks to provide your customers with a specialist pre-order option. This would work especially well at deli counters, cheese counters, or butchery or fishmonger sections within your store.

Customers can simply place their order on the digital kiosk, then continue with their shopping until their request has been packaged and is ready for them to pick up.

It’s a win-win situation – your customer is pleased with the level of efficiency, and your staff aren’t left to deal with long queues and tricky requests.

2. Think about how you can use the kiosk inactive screen to your advantage

And what happens to the digital kiosk screen when it’s not in use? There’s no need to leave it blank.

You could programme it to feature advertisements of your store’s latest offers, or new product ranges.

3. Use these kiosks as a permanent customer assistance point

If your customers have any questions or need some general assistance, nothing can sour their experience of your shop quicker than them not being able to find a member of staff.

So, you could use digital kiosks as a permanent, easy-to-locate point for your customers to seek help. This will not only keep your shoppers happy, but it will enable your staff to focus on the jobs at hand, rather than keep abandoning tasks to provide assistance.

4. Utilise the kiosk’s payment features to reduce the average queueing time

Digital kiosks are a great way to help cut down the amount of time that your customers spend stuck in queues.

Introducing an express, ‘five items or less’ payment method for your customers (where they can quickly pay for their goods via digital kiosk) will significantly cut down your store’s average queueing time, which is a fantastic way to keep your shoppers happy.

What’s more, this alternative payment option will encourage them to pop in to buy just one or two items, as they won’t be put off by the idea of a long queue.

5. Consider how digital kiosks can be best directed to improve customer service

One of the main drivers behind technology that provides customers with a self-service tool is the potential this has to improve their shopping experience.

For example, you may find that your store’s bakery receives a lot of custom order requests for wedding cakes.

If you are currently using a pen and paper form for these baked goods, you may well find that  your customers are getting frustrated with the amount of time that this takes them to complete, or that their requests are being misplaced.

So, you could implement a digital kiosk in this section which improves the service that your customers receive when they order a cake from your bakery.

This way, you are acting on their feedback and using this technology to provide a higher standard of service.

Digital kiosks in supermarkets – conclusion

These intelligent pieces of kit bring a whole host of benefits, including saving customers time, helping to improve the efficiency of the store from a managerial perspective, and creating a more enjoyable customer experience across the board.

We hope that this post has helped you think about innovative ways in which digital kiosks can transform the way in which your supermarket operates. One thing’s for sure, food shopping will never be the same again.

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